Iron vs Jinx: Mike Tyson Gets His Crown (Mike Tyson | Michael Spinks)


Fight Date – 📅June 27th, 1988

Location – 🏟️Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, U.S.A.

On The Line – Mike Tyson’s WBA, WBC, IBF Heavyweight Titles & Michael Spinks 👑LINEAL/RING Heavyweight World Championship Belt


This was the meeting that boxing needed to officially put to rest the dispute at Heavyweight as to who was the Champion, as two undefeated great fighters would meet at the Convention Hall of in front of roughly 20,000 in attendance.  🇺🇸“Iron” Mike Tyson (34-0-0, 30KO👊👊) at the age of 21 had already taken the world by complete storm, and had all 3 of the sanctioning body belts, while 👑🥇🇺🇸Michael “Jinx” Spinks (31-0-0, 21KO👊) came in as the Lineal Heavyweight Champion after his victory over 🇺🇸Larry Holmes two years prior, and had already established himself as a legend in the world of boxing.

The tension in the arena you could cut a knife with, with many expecting Tyson to rise to the moment and show his greatness, reflected in him being the 4️⃣-to-1️⃣ favorite in betting odds.  Spinks emerged from his dressing room looking visibly nervous as he made his way to the ring, and Tyson came out with a cold, expressionless stare, walking to the ring with chains rustling as music.  The contrast in demeanor between the two was no more evident than when they had their face off as 🗣️Referee Frank Capuccino was giving them the pre-fight instructions.  How would this fight go?

The fight lasted all but ⏰91 seconds, as Mike would arguably put forth his most frightening message of his career with sheer destruction as he walked through Spinks with very little regard.  Spinks tried to play keep-away on his legs, and trying to land the counter-cross, but Mike stalked and pressured him relentlessly, evaded those punches and bludgeoned Spinks with heavy hooks and right hands. 

A minute into the fight, Tyson put Spinks down to a knee with a savage left-uppercut upstairs, and right-hook to the body combination by the ropes. Spinks would get up, and walked to Mike, trying to land his right hand.  Mike Tyson evaded and countered his right cross with a 💥devastating left hook, right hand combination that knocked Spinks immediately flat on his back. 


With Spinks eyes rolling in the back of his head and soul seemingly in orbit, he tried his best to beat the count, but as Capuccino yelled out “ten!”, Spinks slumped back through the bottom ropes head first.  Tyson’s 🗣️Head-Trainer Kevin Rooney gave Mike an emphatic hug, understanding the magnitude of this moment for Mike, and the people in attendance erupted at the destruction that had just took place in the ring.

While Mike had all 3 of the recognized sanctioning belts and was virtually universally recognized as the best Heavyweight in the world, he needed this fight with Spinks to not only formally become the Champion in the division, but to also become the “true” Undisputed Champion by having that claim to pair up with everything else that he was in possession of.  In most quarters, this has been recognized as Mike Tyson’s greatest personal performance.  Spinks would cap off a legendary career with this fight after reigning as a dominant Light-Heavyweight Champion, and making the jump up to Heavyweight to reach the ⛰️mountain-top.  In some ways, his fight with Tyson has dimmed his legacy somewhat in the eyes of a few, but it shouldn’t, as his legacy was already firmly in-tact prior to this contest as a truly great fighter.



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