Great Showdown in the Heavyweight Division (Joe Louis | Billy Conn)


Fight Date – 📅June 18th. 1941

On The Line – 👑World Lineal Heavyweight Title (Joe Louis)

Location – 🏟️The Polo Grounds, Harlem, New York, U.S.A.


There were 54,000 people in attendance, as dominant Heavyweight legend 👑🇺🇸Joe “Brown Bomber” Louis (49-1-0, 41KO👊) had to endure arguably his toughest test during his Championship run against highly skilled former Light-Heavyweight World Champion 🇺🇸Billy “Pittsburgh Kid” Conn (54-9-1, 12KO👊).

Conn’s plan of sticking and moving outside and mid-range to take advantage of Louis’s stationary, flat-footed stance worked very well as he relied on his boxing ability.  Joe continued forward, trying to set traps, and identify openings that he could exploit with the right hand, playing the marathon game as Conn was on the move, 📌tacking on the points, successfully gaining some control over the Champion in terms of ring generalship.

Conn was ahead on 2 of the cards after 12 rounds, with the other card being dead even.  With Joe understanding he had a lot on his plate to handle, and with his 🗣️Trainer Jack Blackburn informing Joe that he has to go for the knockout, Joe managed to string together a heavy barrage of precise power punching, then finished Conn off with a cold, devastating right hand over the top that slumped the talented Pittsburgh fighter head first to the canvas, to where a count at this point was academic, seeing that he was already out before he even hit the canvas.


Conn, while fighting a very gutsy fight (especially as the naturally smaller man by 1 division) got too brave in taking gambles in exchanging with the iron-fisted Louis, and he eventually felt his power late, and couldn’t withstand it to last the full 15 rounds.  This would be Joe Louis’ 18th defense of his World Heavyweight Crown during his historic run as the sports most dominant historical Heavyweight Champion.




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