Vintage Heavyweight Classic: Ring-Magazine’s 1976 Fight of the Year (George Foreman vs. Ron Lyle)

🥇🇺🇸George Foreman on his 1976 NABF Heavyweight title fight with 🇺🇸Ron Lyle. Foreman knocked Lyle out in the fifth round after being put down twice in the fourth.  Both fighters tasted the canvas twice, but it was Foreman who would finish on his feet, as he had to walk through hell that Lyle brought to the ring.

“Ron Lyle was the strongest man I ever faced.  This guy hit me so hard that it didn’t even hurt. Joe Frazier caught me with the left hook but he couldn’t hit like Lyle and although Muhammad knocked me down I was exhausted and still got to my feet. Lyle was the hardest hitter.

The thing about Lyle was he was complete unafraid and challenged me at ring center. Nobody, other than Sonny Liston in sparring, stood and punched it out with me with any success. Joe Frazier only tried once and even the great Muhammad Ali couldn’t back up quick enough. Ron Lyle would not back up.”

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