Boxing’s Makeshift Scheduling & Adaptation During a Pandemic 📰

Needless to say, things are starting to, and in some ways have already gotten weird in these times where necessary protocol precautions have been put in place due to the lack of containment of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 🌎worldwide, and it has begun to affect the boxing world.

The idea has been floating around of fighting in closed off venues in some cases, but in most cases, entire boxing cards have been postponed, for a later unknown pending date, and with a slew of major fights previously scheduled on the horizon, there is uncertainty as to when these fights will take place. With that being the case, we will keep you informed throughout the process on when announcements are made about these cards whenever there is medical advancement, or better containment of the virus, and 🗓️specific dates when these fights will be rescheduled to.

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