Garcia Overcomes Strong Start from Vargas and Wins by UD to Get His First Victory at Welterweight

By Tré Berry III🖊️ | 02/29/2020

The Frisco, Texas main event was a challenging one, though the fight took on 3 different phases.  Former 4-division Titlist 🇺🇸Mikey Garcia (40-1-0, 30KO👊) was able to inflict enough damage and 📌tack on the points to defeat 🇺🇸Jessie Vargas (29-3-2, 11KO👊) who jumped out to a solid lead behind his boxing ability.  Mikey’s power was felt, and changed the tide of the fight midway, aiding in securing what is his first victory in the Welterweight division, coming against

a quality opponent.


Vargas put extra emphasis in coming in off his jab, to use his reach advantage and control the distance, as well as the movement of Garcia.  Mikey is one of the most patient boxers in all of boxing, carefully taking his time to pick up on Garcia’s tendencies to put into the 💾database and memory bank.  Vargas landed a couple pretty impressive check-hooks in the middle of the round, and did more than enough to control the real-estate to take round 1 of the bout.  Mikey got a little more aggressive in the second round, but interestingly enough, Vargas continuously landed quality jab-cross combinations, occasionally throwing in the hook to follow, holding his own fighting in the mid-range.

Vargas jab got more snappy as time went on, and increased its volume while Garcia started to let off his left hook, mixing it up downstairs and upstairs.  Garcia’s first authoritative shots were a strong 1-2 combination in the 3rd one, and from there, he (Mikey) seemed to mentally get himself into the fight, though Jessie Vargas hit him with a barrage of punches right before the 🛎️bell to remind him what he is going up against.  Vargas continued his excellent boxing and in taking advantage of Mikey’s weaknesses when it comes to his footwork, volume punching, and upper body movement.

The 4th round, Vargas landed a counter check-hook that somewhat rocked Mikey, and got his 📡antennas up, as he bumrushed Garcia in the corner, throwing his best shots to pile up on the damage.  Vargas doesn’t hit that hard unfortunately for him to get him down to the mat, but he hit hard enough to where Garcia had enough respect not to disregard his power and come right at him.  Garcia in the 5th round started to finally find the mark and roughed Vargas up a little bit, but what started as little became deafening thunder as he stunned Vargas badly with a right hand that wobbled the legs dramatically, stumbling across the ring while trying to throw back, to when Mikey stepped in and landed a 💥nasty right hand, dropping Vargas immediately.


He got up at the count of 8, but he was on the shakiest of legs.  He found himself in the corner trapped in the corner in serious danger of one more dynamite punch to knock him out, but he was able to trade punches while avoiding the big one in return to get to the 5th round bell.

Round 6, Vargas legs was still jello, and though Garcia recognized it, Vargas did a good job of steering clear of the big damage, although clearly Mikey won the round and fully put himself into the fight when factoring in the points aspect.  Vargas was able to get his legs back, and went back to square 1, boxing well, but Garcia hurt him yet again towards the back of the round with the right hand.  Garcia threw many punches trying to get a stoppage, and nearly did as 🗣️Referee Jon Schorle appeared to be very close to stopping the fight, but Vargas got to the bell once again.  Vargas legs looked shot in the following round, but he remained brave, standing in there like a professional and getting his shots off while Garcia remained accurate throughout.

The 9th round was a slower, more tactical round than what had proceeded it, with Garcia periodically landing thudding blows, and Vargas boxing well in spurts.  Garcia once again snuck a right hand in that shook Vargas legs again briefly, though he stayed up.  Vargas didn’t retreat, instead came forward and landed some sound shots over the top, and continued to mix in the jab to the body, and to the head sequence that he utilized throughout the entire fight.

The Championship rounds surfaced 📍(although this is not a Title fight), and here we would see the moxy of both boxers.  Garcia landed some hard punches upstairs, disfiguring Vargas face, but Vargas continued to stick to his gameplan, working behind the jab and getting the right hand in periodically.  Vargas did some of his best work since the early rounds, in the last minute of the 11th round, but was it enough to win the round? 🤔I’m not entirely sure either way definitively.  The 12th round, Vargas had an excellent round, smothering Mikey’s output.  Mikey did wobble him though with a crisp overhand shot to the top of the head.  Vargas would land his hardest punches in the fight in the last 10 seconds of the contest, but the fight would go to the cards.  This fight was one of the stranger fights to score, as Vargas did put many early rounds in the bank, Mikey Garcia clearly shifted the momentum once the power landed and owned the majority of the fight to follow, yet you had to factor in Vargas early work.  With a couple swing rounds in there, it was reflected in the scorecards.  Mikey Garcia won on all 📝scorecards, and would get a UNANIMOUS DECISION verdict, to get his first victory at Welterweight (and 40th victory overall) over a talented opponent that pushed him throughout many corridors in the fight.



🤜 Mikey Garcia = 151/478, 31.6% Landed.
🤜 Jessie Vargas = 142/671, 21.2% Landed.


✎ David Sullivan = 114 – 113 for MIKEY GARCIA
✎ Cathy Leonard = 116 – 111 for MIKEY GARCIA
✎ Steve Morrow = 116 – 111 for MIKEY GARCIA


✎ Tré Berry = 114 – 113 for MIKEY GARCIA

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