Chocolatito Once Again Reclaims a Piece of His Glory, Defeats Yafai to Win WBA Super-Flyweight Title

By Tré Berry III🖊️ | 02/29/2020

He’s back…..Nicaraguan boxing legend  🇳🇮Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez (49-2-0, 41KO👊) completes his epic comeback to prime time by dominating and 💣bombing out previously unbeaten 🇬🇧Khalid “Kal” Yafai (26-1-0, 15KO👊).  Chocolatito with this incredible performance and victory just became a 6-time World Champion, adding Yafai’s WBA Super-Flyweight Title to a loaded trophy case and re-introduces himself to boxing’s hierarchy.


The first round was fought predominantly in the pocket, with both boxers throwing a high number of jabs, and both occasionally mixing in some authoritative body shots.  Chocolatito in mid round picked up his rhythm and volume, throwing many a combination and looking good stringing the punches together.  Yafai, while he holds advantages boxing on the outside, elected to fight more with Chocolatito in closed quarters, trying to impose his size advantage on the veteran, as he has the build of a Bantamweight boxer.

In clinches early, you could see that Yafai was the stronger man physically, but in terms of functional strength, Chocolatito did a better job of landing his power punches to the body, and started to exert his will on the Champion, getting the upper hand early in this contest.  Chocolatito came out looking fantastic, and hurt Yafai with an uppercut on the inside that had Yafai out of position trying to hold him to get the hands from flowing.  Yafai got back to his corner where his Trainer instructed him to stop standing in with the miniature dynamo and stay outside to box him early on.


Yafai would land his first significant punch of the fight in the 3rd round, knocking Chocolatito off balanced, but Roman came back with a relentless motor to continue to rock the body, and shoulder the bigger man off to get position to land punches upstairs.  Strange to say, Yafai’s mouthpiece came out twice in the first 3 rounds, with fatigue not being part of the equation.  Chocolatito started to use his high 🧠ring IQ to set Yafai up with some counter uppercuts, and left hooks.

As the rounds went on, the confidence grew for the miniature legend who started to park more on his front foot, throwing his customary, 4, 5, 6 punch combinations and having a good deal of success of landing them, and in getting his shots off first.  Yafai, ignoring the instructions of his corner, kept trying to match 🔥fire with fire with Gonzalez, and with him bent over, increased the opportunity for Gonzalez to land uppercuts on the inside, and sneaking threw his “45” left hook, both being his best punches.

An accidental headbutt caused a cut on Gonzalez right on the corner of the 👁️right eye lid.  The blood didn’t bother him as round 6 was the best work of Chocolatito thus far in the fight, definitively pulling ahead in the fight when factoring in the skirmishes in mid-combination.  Gonzalez fought like a man possessed in the 7th round as Yafai started to wilt a little bit under the pressure, and his left eye began to swell up a bit after Chocolatito kept finding home with his right hand.

The 8th round was much the same with Chocolatito somehow finding all the cracks between high guard, to the head and to the body, and the pressure finally got to Yafai, with Gonzalez putting him on the canvas late in the round.  He got up, but his face told the whole story as he was unaware of what he was getting himself into (strange to say, when this is the man that he had idolized over the years).  The 8th round, Chocolatito continued to go on the hunt, then he would find his pray, doing so with a devastating 💥right hand over a Yafai jab and put him flat on his on his back for what was a picture perfect capture.



Yafai in terrible condition, 🗣️Referee Luis Pabon waived the fight off.  The legend did it!, Roman Chocolatito Gonzalez defeated all of his personal setbacks, and defeated Yafai to become the new WBA Super-Flyweight of the World, an incredible experience for him, and certainly for me, as well as many others to watch.


🤜 Kal Yafai = 100/414, 21.1% Landed.
🤜 Chocolatito = 174/674, 25.8% Landed.


✎ Wilfredo Esperon = 78 – 73 for CHOCOLATITO at Stoppage
✎ Dave Moretti = 77 – 74 for CHOCOLATITO at Stoppage
✎ Rafael Ramos = 80 – 71 for CHOCOLATITO at Stoppage



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