The Little Engine That Could – Julio Cesar Martinez Defeats Jay Harris in a Thrilling Contest to Defend Title

By Tré Berry III🖊️ | 02/29/2020

An excellent contest concluded tonight, with WBC Flyweight Titlist 🇲🇽Julio Cesar “El Rey” Martinez (16-1-0, 12KO👊) giving British top world contender 🇬🇧Jay Harris (17-1-0, 9KO👊) his first loss as a professional.  This fight was one of the best fights of this young 🗓️2020 calendar year, and lived up to its expectations, and set the benchmark for the co-main and main events to follow on the

Frisco, Texas fight card.


A battle of two supreme tacticians, the bout was fought in the center of the ring for a while, with both boxers holding their cards close to their chest while trying to see where they could exploit their opponent.  Harris would learn rather quickly that Martinez is a supreme counter-puncher, who has very quick hands.  He had a hard time picking up the angles and sequences in which Martinez would string together his awkward combinations.  Martinez, as he is accustomed to switched up multiple times to keep Martinez confused, while Harris was trying to find pockets to land the jab.  Martinez started digging heavily with the body punches that he didn’t take all too well.  While behind in most exchanges, Harris wasn’t discouraged or overwhelmed, landing a couple of decent combinations early on, but Martinez continued coming forward like a buzzsaw, and kept on 🗡️cutting away at Harris, reddening his face, and targeting every possible legal target that you could land, and hitting his mark on most occasions.

The third one was highly entertaining, both landing pockets of sequential power shots, giving the fans exactly what they came to see and expect from these two high ranking prizefighters.  It’s too early of course to pick a 📌“round of the year”, but I would personally put that up easily on the ballot for future consideration.  For every 2 punches that Harris would land, it felt like 3 were coming back from Martinez.  The challenger was very much in the fight, proving his standing as a highly regarded contender, and Martinez came to this fight in top-form, routinely putting his best foot forward.

Uppercut combinations came in from Martinez at a rapid pace.  I’m not entirely sure what punch did the damage, but Harris came out of the 4th round with a bloodied up left eye.  Martinez caught Harris in the 5th round with a blistering 3-2 combination (left-hook, right hand).  Harris landed some stiff right hands through the center of the Champions guard upstairs.  Two world class chins were exhibited through the high volume of action that was taking place in this bout.  The fight slowed down just a little bit in the middle rounds, with each looking to alter their line of attack a bit.  Harris while dawning a crimson mask of a face was increasing looking for pockets to exchange punches in.

Martinez hurt Harris early in the 7th round with a bodypunch, and came in like a whirling dervish to throw in abundance, to the head and body.  Harris would survive the onslaught, and somehow finished strong in the end of the round, somewhat stunning Martinez with a big combination, spearheaded by a looping right hand.  Harris tried to continue the momentum established in the previous round, and did so in some ways, but Martinez being the clever boxer that he is, he kept finding an inordinate number of ways to counter his opponent at the most awkward of angles.  Harris at some point in the fight made an internal decision to stand in there and take some of Martinez best punches to stick in there to get and land some of his own 💣bombs, and the 9th round followed much like how the third round materialized.

The 10th round, a fighter finally showed some vulnerability, with Martinez hurting Harris badly with a left hook to the body, right hook to the body, left hand upstairs combo to put him down to a knee with a heavy grimace on his face, mostly from the body damage.  Harris would use a lot of will power to get up, and he gritted his teeth to continue firing, and landed a couple of very impressive lead shots upstairs with each hand.  Harris though, found himself in a conundrum in the Championship rounds as he fell behind on points, especially with the 10-8 ninth round, to where he needed to score multiple knockdowns to gain ground, or simply put, to knock the Champion out.  You can’t fault Harris for lack of trying, as he put full strength on his power punches, but Martinez seemed to take all of them very well, and didn’t deter from his own onslaught.

The fight would go the full 12 rounds, and thankful for us and all fight fans, awful 🗣️Referee Laurence Cole didn’t have much to do as it was a supremely clean fought fight with very little foul infractions, or clinching involved.  The Judges were all in agreement to score Martinez as the victor, thus securing his WBC Title with his first official Title defense.  As for Jay Harris, he fought one hell of a fight, and if he were to put up this effort against 98% of the rest of the landscape in the Flyweight division, chances are he would be the victor in those contests, but that also goes to show you of how good Julio Cesar Martinez is, and is a window in to why he is started to become regarded as one of the best fighters in all of boxing going today.



🤜 Julio Cesar Martinez = 208/655, 31.8% Landed.
🤜 Joe Harris = 143/708, 20.2% Landed.


✎ Fernando Barsosa = 116 – 111 for JULIO CESAR MARTINEZ
✎ Jessie Ramos = 115 – 112 for JULIO CESAR MARTINEZ
✎ Herb Santos = 118 – 109 for JULIO CESAR MARTINEZ

✎ Tré Berry = 116 – 111 for JULIO CESAR MARTINEZ


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