Fists of Fury – The Gypsy King Tyson Fury Stays True to His Word & Stops Deontay Wilder to Become the Heavyweight Champion of the World

By Tré Berry III🖊️

A big performance was put forth tonight under the bright lights of the 🎰Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, and that came from 👑🇬🇧Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury (30-0-1, 21KO👊), who bloodied, beaten and battered 🥉🇺🇸Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (42-1-1, 41KO👊👊) through 7 rounds, getting the stoppage victory on the road to become your new ♛RING/TBRB Lineal Heavyweight Champion of the World, adding on top of it the WBC Title that was lifted off of Wilder and put on Fury after a well fought signature victory tonight.




With this big win, Tyson Fury goes on to become 📍histories 50th Lineal Heavyweight World Champion, maintaining his position as the 📍37th man to be crowned a Lineal Heavyweight Champion, and becoming 📍only the 6th man in history to win the Lineal Heavyweight crown twice.  Apparently Fury was not playing when he said he was looking to gun for the knockout, as was noted in our prediction feed for this contest, but it is always intriguing to see when a boxer steps forth to back his words up with actions tangibly for the world to see, and he delivered on a grand scale.

Much like how Tyson Fury switched his tactics against previous opponent 🇸🇪Otto Wallin when he was in danger of having the fight stopped on cuts, Fury came out immediately as the aggressor, looking to push the action, staying behind a stiff shotgun jab that came out like a power punch, while Wilder early, looked to be on the back-foot trying to jab with Fury and pop-shotting with the big right hand.  Wilder landed a couple good right hands early, but Fury took it and did the bulk of the damage in the 1st round.  Wilder had himself a better second round, perhaps winning it, but the tone of the rest of the fight was set when Fury mauled him in the last few seconds of the round, landing some pretty big shots.

While Fury’s 2nd round KO prediction went out the window, it didn’t really matter, as he successfully set the table the way he wanted it set, then snatched the table cloth off of it in the 3rd round when he caught Deontay with a flush looping right hand to Deontay’s ear that sent him crashing down to the canvas to the shock of the crowd.


Deontay got up complaining that the shot was a bit behind the ear (the punch landed flush on the ear, then ricocheted off the back of his head, deeming it legal), but immediately I noticed that his legs were completely gone, and he could barely keep his balance, going down on his own volition once again shortly after the knockdown, which of course yielded no count, but it was a clear indicator that the Titlist from Tuscaloosa, Alabama was in real trouble.  He got out of the round, but much of the same would ensue throughout the remainder of the fight.

REACHING IN A WELL THAT WAS DRIED UP – You could literally see Deontay’s thought process as he kept trying to shake the cobwebs off in attempting to get his body to respond to what his mind wanted him to do in order to get his legs stabilized, not just for the purposes of surviving, but also so that he could re-establish his base with his legs so that he could commit to even throwing his 🔨hammer of a right hand. But without his legs, his go-to weapon couldn’t be used properly, as he wasn’t even in the right condition to not only fire it, but to even commit to it.  Because of that, he was looking like a sitting duck for Fury for long stretches of time, who barreled forward, carefully placing his punches and constantly leaning on Wilder with his ⚖️270+ lb. frame in clinches, further taking the starch out of Wilder’s legs and sapping his stamina altogether.

Fury in the 5th round threw a right hand that was blocked upstairs, but he walloped Wilder with a big leg hook to the body that sent the Bronze Bomber crumbling to the mat once again for a second knockdown.  Wilder would get up, but he was in a vulnerable state that we clearly haven’t seen up to this point in his professional career.  As we know, Wilder has a ton of inner fortitude and toughness, so he was embracing the punishment while trying to figure out how to land.  I personally began to grow more and more concerned from this point on, as Wilder’s 👂left ear was bleeding profusely from the right hands that Fury was looping in through his guard (of course the most notable one being the first knockdown).  There was an inordinate amount of swelling at the front of Deontay’s ear, which I’m hoping is just a part of a jaw injury sustained instead of something more heinous towards his overall health.

At this point it looked like it was inevitable that Wilder was going to get knocked out as Fury kept hitting him with flush right hands, it was just a matter of when it would happen.  In the 7th round, Fury had a battered Wilder pinned to the ropes where Fury landed a flush right hand (easily his best punch of the fight in my personal opinion), and threw a few more punches in combination that prompted Deontay Wilder’s acting Head Trainer 🗣️Mark Breland to throw in the white towel to signal to Referee Kenny Bayless to stop the fight and save his man from suffering more sustained damage, understanding that the ✒️writing was already on the wall, and the ink was dry.  Wilder originally thought Bayless stopped the fight, ready to erupt in a fit of 💢anger, feeling as if he could continue and wanted to go out on a 🛡️shield like the warrior he is, but was notified by Bayless that his corner stopped the fight, prompting a dejected reaction from Wilder as he realized the situation.  Just like that, with a heavy performance on the night of 🗓️February 22nd, Fury can now call himself a 2X RING/TBRB Lineal Heavyweight Champion of the World with the proper connotations attached to it.


Fury picking up the WBC belt, has now won all belts in his career (WBA, WBC, WBO, IBF, RING), and now has the WBC, as well as the RING-MAGAZINE belt in his possession, singling out who the Heavyweight Champion is.  He got his big victory under the guidance of his new Head Trainer 🗣️Sugar Hill Steward, and he didn’t have to rely on esteemed Cutman 🩹Jacob “Stitch” Duran with his cut situation and the onset worries that were there after receiving 47 stitches over his right eye after his previous fight.  I don’t know exactly what constitutes as a perfect night for a boxer…but Fury probably came as close as you could possibly get, considering the circumstances, what needed to be done, and what he was intending to do in the first place.  Deontay after his interview was immediately transported to the 🏥local hospital for testing, hopefully everything checks out fine considering the circumstances, with no significant lingering health issues attached to the beating he took.  We will keep an eye on that in the next upcoming days hoping to share a positive prognosis.


🤜 Tyson Fury = 82/267, 30.7% Landed.
🤜 Deontay Wilder = 34/141, 24.1.% Landed.


✎ Glenn Feldman = 58 – 53 for TYSON FURY at the Stoppage
✎ Dave Moretti = 59 – 52 for TYSON FURY at the Stoppage
✎ Steve Weisfeld = 59 – 52 for TYSON FURY at the Stoppage

✎ Tré Berry = 58 – 53 for TYSON FURY at the Stoppage
✎ Jon Uddin = 59 – 52 for TYSON FURY at the Stoppage



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