Tré Berry III’s Analysis & Prediction for Who Will Reign Supreme From Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury 2

By Tré Berry III🖊️ | 02/20/2020

This weekend, we will get a RING/LINEAL Heavyweight Champion of the World after a 3-4 year hiatus when power punching WBC Titlist 🥉🇺🇸Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (42-0-1, 41KO👊) will accompany skilled former Champion 🇬🇧Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury (29-0-1, 20KO👊) into the ring at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.  The fight is expected to be the continuation of the action that took place in their first fight 14 months prior, and is equally as interesting approaching the fight as it was the first time around.

TO CLEAR THE AIRWAVES🔊 – Before we get fully into the breakdown, the Lineal Heavyweight Championship distinction is vacant contrary to popular belief stemmed by Fury shamelessly jabbering on by continuing to claim to still have Lineal distinction after defeating 👑🥇🇺🇦Wladimir Klitschko in 2015.  Now by the process of those two organizations, both RING & TBRB washes away the distinction whenever retirement enters the picture, and Fury has a well-chronicled story of why he stepped away from the sport, therefore the Title has been rendered vacant.

You cannot pick your Lineage back up upon coming back from retirement – in fact, that boxer has to work himself to get back in line, so we haven’t had a true 🚩leading man in the Heavyweight division since then, though that is slated to change on Saturday.  Piggybacking on that are the reluctance of the institutions that administers the tag to publicly fact-check Fury on his claim, and in news outlets either unaware of the process, or shamelessly running with the Lineal plug by Fury for personal gain to where the claim has been made literally thousands of times over the airwaves without any correction from those in power whatsoever.

WILDERS SHORTCOMINGS AND STRENGTHS – 🤔Well the worst kept secret in boxing is that Wilder hits hard…VERY hard to where he is universally recognized as a TOP-2 POWER PUNCHER in boxing today, and when you assess the destruction mass of his jackhammer right hand, it has historical implications as being of of the most 💥devastating single weapons in boxing history; Whether or not people want to acknowledge it, you CANNOT deny the weight behind the shot.

He is also one of the more natural athletically gifted Heavyweights of all-time when you factor in that he is able to use this to get away with many of his skill flaws that we will get to in a minute.  Now Wilder’s most underrated quality is his boxing IQ, as he is able to accurately read trends, movements, the mechanics of his opponents and tendencies to funnel you into his orbit to set you up and bait you to fall into his range to 🧨🧨detonate the power to put you away.

Now we all know that Wilder’s technique is extremely funky, all over the place, and is cringy to watch to the highest degree.  A contributor to that is with Deontay Wilder starting boxing a little ⏲️late in life.  Now that he is at the age of 34, it is very likely that this is the finished product that we will get more-or-less, so game planning against him is a locked in preset at this point for anyone who is looking to face him.

His stance is too wide, has some defensive liabilities, seldom goes to the body, has uncoordinated footwork, and will often windmill his right hand that has to chance of landing unless he has you hurt prior to throwing it.  Now to tie one of his weaknesses into the realm of strength is that with the different variation of right hands that he throws, he likes to mix it up and get you guessing about what is coming, then sneak something in according to your defensive positioning, which is what makes his right hand that more devastating.

FURY’S MANY GIFTS, AND SOME OF HIS “IN‘FURY’ATING” DRAWBACKS – It is pretty safe to say that Tyson Fury is the Heavyweight division’s version of a 🗡️swiss-army-knife.  Not only is he capable of fighting every style that you could take in the boxing ring, and in operating at every range (inside, mid-range, outside), he happens to be a 📏6’9 giant doing so, with nimble feet reflective of what you would see from a fleet-footed boxer in the Super-Middleweight division which are the components that makes Tyson Fury a major headache for opponents to deal with.

He has impeccable footwork, great upper body movement, intelligence, and a great feel for commanding a boxing ring.  The speed is there, carries a decent punch contrary to popular belief, and has an immensely deep reservoir when it comes to mental toughness, that to be easily traced back to his first fight with Deontay Wilder, and digging into how he propelled himself upward after hitting rock bottom to find himself in the position where he was originally at before his problems started to become public.

Fury doesn’t have many weaknesses at all to tell the truth, but the one bad habit that he does have is that although he is very elusive defensively, he sometimes gets overconfident with his upper body movement to where he’ll keep his hands down to evade the shots, instead of keeping his hands up while doing so to act as a second line of defense.

No matter how good a defensive boxer you are, you cannot evade all significant shots with just the 📡built in radar, sometimes you have to have your hands, forearms and elbows at home in its proper position to pick off punches that are on 🎯target to hit you otherwise.  That was one of the major contributors as to why Deontay Wilder put him down a couple times in the first place when you analyze fight #1.

The main thing that surprised me was that a cerebral boxer such as Tyson Fury, if you sneak something in, he seldom gets hit with the same shot again, yet it was the same punch sequence with the right hand from Wilder that had Fury on his way down twice in their first fight, which means two things from my analysis… A) that Fury was careless to where he defensively got sloppy, and… B) Wilder knows how to manipulate your movements to force you back to the same scenario tendency-wise to take advantage of you once again in cycles.  The mental warfare of these 2 matching up by itself makes this contest a riveting one to break down in full tilt.

FIGHT AND TACTICS BREAKDOWN🔍 – Tyson Fury in weeks leading up to the fight had been very adamant about promising to knock out Deontay Wilder in 2 rounds.  I didn’t take take his claim serious at all until a day ago when listening to interviews how he really wants sole responsibility in winning the fight, without it being rendered by people outside of his control, wanting to take the power out of the judges hands and going for the knockout against Wilder, and with that rationale in the back of my mind, it is starting to stick with me now.  The knockout seems very unlikely in my opinion, but it does not mean that he will try to gun for it, and hey, anything can happen when we’re factoring two giants deemed as Heavyweights, and the one in question is looking to come in and tip the scales at around ⚖️270 lbs for this contest.

Now people have gone too far in claiming that Fury has pillows for fists, including Deontay who made that claim.  I recall Tyson Fury late in the 12th round buckling Wilder at the knees from a 1-2 combination that also took away all his aggression in Deontay trying to go for the devastating knockout after Fury was bludgeoned earlier in the 12th round, so that in and of itself showcases Fury having some power, and Deontay’s delusion surrounding the Gypsy King’s power.

Fury can in fact punch well, he just doesn’t have the 1-punch capability of a Deontay Wilder or an 🥇🇬🇧Anthony Joshua.  Another reason why Fury gets low-balled with his power is that it is one of the last things that we know him for, as his various other gifts, like his boxing prowess, intelligence and gift-of-gab supersedes his punching power, to where it becomes an afterthought in immediate thinking once Tyson Fury is on the mind.

We all know what Deontay Wilder is looking to do, and he should be welcoming in Tyson happily as it will increase opportunities for him to land the 💣bomb since at least early on he wouldn’t have to deal with chasing around an elusive boxer on the outside.  It will be more of a priority for Wilder to set traps and try to catch Fury coming forward, whether it be from a counter, or some kind of step back, then fire the right hand-type of scenario to get him early.

Also, let’s say the fight starts to go long, he should have a contingency plan in place so that he can responsibly use his energy to be effective and remain dangerous late like he typically seems to have a knack for in his compact resume of top competition consisting of 2 fights with 🇨🇺Luis Ortiz and of course his first encounter with Fury.


🥁|| MY PREDICTION – As Fury promises to come forward, this may feel more like round #13 than round #1 of another fight, transitioning from the crazy 12th round of the first bout.  Either Wilder will knock him out within those first few rounds I believe, or Fury will win in the long run by decision, it depends on what they could do in those ⚖️50/50 moments.  Now I predict that Fury will press the action gunning for the knockout, being able to evade Deontay’s devastating power, but those 2-3 rounds will pass, and Fury will decide to go back to what he does best, and that is to box.

Of course there is onset worry about Fury’s cut situation, but can’t really predict how that will go.  One wonders if Wilder will still have the same stamina late (of course if it gets there) being that someone may actually take the fight to him to make him work, which we haven’t really seen tried before.  Deontay will look to pressure, and may even get Fury down to the canvas once, but Fury will survive, and swell up the eyes of Wilder en route to a decision victory to once again be “officially” crowned as the 👑RING/TBRB LINEAL & WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World.




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