Sergey Kovalev to Move Up and Test the Waters at Cruiserweight 📰

By Tré Berry III🖊️

Former Unified World Titlist & 5-time Light-Heavyweight Titlist 🇷🇺Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev (34-4-1, 29KO👊) will look to move up to the Cruiserweight division for his next efforts.  According to esteemed 🗣️Head-Trainer Buddy McGirt, they are planning to take his transformation slow, and will look to have Kovalev come into the next contest well below the ⚖️200 lb. Cruiserweight limit, stating “As long as we go to 185 (pounds), we’re good. No more than 185. “He can come in at 180 and beat those guys. He’ll be light, and that’s OK.” 

Some concerns however come into play regarding this decision.  Yes it works well in accordance to Kovalev being an aging star (he turns 37 in two months) to move up to put less strain on the body, as it was just a challenge to making ⚖️175, and with that in lockstep with his lack of top conditioning.  Where the pitfalls associated with the move come into play is with Kovalev having a vulnerable, questionable chin with limited punch resistance to the body, and walking into the lions den at Cruiserweight where each top-flight boxer in the division packs serious power, and is at least 25 lbs. heavier than what Kovalev is normally accustomed to fighting.  We last seen Kovalev in the ring when he lost his WBO Title to Middleweight Champion of the World🇲🇽Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, of course a smaller man who moved up and took full advantage of his opportunity to brutally knock Kovalev out in the 11th round late last year.

Sergey and McGirt like stated earlier ideally would like to take it slow, but they are working against their biggest obstacle presently, and that is ⏰time.  With Kovalev being at the age of 36, he is fighting the clock when factoring in the lofty aspirations that Kovalev will have in association with this move, so it is incumbent upon Buddy McGirt to do what he can to keep his fighter fresh, and to get him in the right type of shape to extend his career so that Kovalev can work his way up to where he wants to get to at the back-end of his career.


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