Ilunga Makabu Claims WBC Cruiserweight Title With Win Over Michal Cieslak

In a solid Cruiserweight bout that saw both men exchange a knockdown, 🇨🇩“Junior” Ilunga Makabu (27-2-0, 24KO) overcame a slow start and dominated the back end of the fight to win the WBC Cruiserweight title by unanimous decision (116-111, 115-111, 114-112) over Poland’s 🇵🇱Michal Cieslak (19-1-0, 13KO).


The bout is not without heavy controversy, as Cieslak appeared to have Makabu on the brink of going down in round 3 when the bell brought the round to a halt a full minute early. Time will tell how the WBC addresses the issue.

January 31, 2020
Official weigh in results:

🇨🇩Ilunga Makabu: 197.8 lbs.
🇵🇱Michal Cieslak: 199.6 lbs.



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