Hefty Punishment for Ivan Redkach After Biting Incident on Saturday 📰

By Tré Berry III🖊️

While the ramification of the bite didn’t alter the course of the fight, or take his opponent out of lockstep with what he was doing, it has put Welterweight 🇺🇦Ivan “El Terriblé” Redkach (23-5-1, 18KO👊)  in some serious trouble as the NYSAC (New York State Athletic Commission) has decided to suspend his boxing license for a year, and has ordered him to forfeit his entire purse that will be paid back to the Commission after biting 🇺🇸Danny “Swift” Garcia on the neck in the 8th round of their fight that took place on Saturday at the Barclays Center.

He will also be fined 💲10,000 for the occurrence, which ultimately means that Redkach coming into this fight was anticipating receiving a comfortable boost in his revenue, yet will have to come out of his pocket instead as he is in the hole 10 grand, on top of losing the contest.  Redkach has the option to appeal these penalties handed down, but it is highly likely that nothing would be overturned in his favor.  A years suspension may equate to around 2-3 envisioned fight dates to be missed as the 33 year old Ukrainian boxer was looking to make a push towards getting more active as he is starting to approach the back-end of his career.


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