Jarrett Hurd Gets 10 Round Decision Over Francisco Santana at Barclays

By Tré Berry III🖊️

The showcase is now in the books as former Unified Super-Welterweight Titlist 🇺🇸Jarrett “Sw⚡ft” Hurd (24-1-0, 16KO👊) gets the work he intended to receive in this contest, as well as the “W” over rough rugged journeyman 🇺🇸Francisco “Chia” Santana (25-7-1, 12KO👊) in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center in the co-main event of the evening.  Hurd secured a Unanimous Decision victory to rack up his 24th victory, as he can now set his sights on looking at a path to travel back towards the top of the Super-Welterweight division.

01/28/2020The Fight Breakdown

Hurd noticeably showed up to this fight in great shape, an early indicator of how serious he took his preparation in the lead p to the fight.  The size difference between Hurd and Santana was seismic, also putting into perspective that Santana was moving up from  Welterweight to take on the giant of the ⚖️154 lb division..  Chia Santana took the position of being the aggressor while Hurd worked off his back foot countering.  Santana wasn’t properly cutting the ring off, so the real-estate was not in his favor as Hurd dictated the action throughout the fight.  Hurd used the jab a lot early, and every time Santana would get in his kitchen, Hurd would fire the lethal uppercut (which is his best punch), and landed often, being that Santana typically came in leaning over his front foot.

Santana as usual fought with a lot of gusto and loaded up on his shots, though many of them were picked off by Hurd’s forearms.  Nonetheless, Santana was making the former Champion work, trying to give him something to think about, but Hurd remained patient throughout.  Hurd started to stand his ground more in round 5, doing so responsibly, and began to put more mustard on his rear uppercut and left hook.  Hurd towards the end of the round scraped Santana with a couple of shot that Santana took well, and continuously came forward, further supporting his reputation as a tough fighter (Santana that is).

By the 7th round, the fight resembled that of being fought in a phone-booth as both boxers tried to exert their will on the inside, using their shoulders to create distance and get inside leverage.  Santana threw some power punches, but he didn’t hit hard enough to hurt Hurd, and didn’t land enough to string anything together.  Hurd wasn’t landing the boom either in those exchanges, but whatever power he took off of his shots, it went to his 🎯accuracy, which was very much on point throughout the contest.  Santana probably did his best work of the fight in the 8th round, throwing all caution to the wind regardless of what would result in those instances.

Hurd after showing the new wrinkles to his arsenal looked to put that aside and try to get the knockout late with a more concerted effort with his power.  Santana was in supreme cardio shape as he refused to stop throwing down the stretch.  The crowd ironically wasn’t very pleased with the fight as there were periodic spats of boos scattered throughout, even during exchanges, however I personally felt it was a decent fight, but it seems that the boos were more due to Hurd’s contingent of fans expecting a blowout, dismissing Santana’s toughness altogether behind that rationale.  Hurd would stick to pivoting and landing the uppercut, and muscling Santana, to finally hurt with with a lethal left hook and a right uppercut to put him down seconds right before the final bell of the contest in the 🛎️10th round.


Santana convinced 🗣️Referee Arthur Mercante to continue the last couple of seconds, and survived to the bell after eating one more power shot that Hurd came in with. With scores of 97-92, 97-92 and 99-90, Jarrett Hurd got himself back into the winning column, and received some good work from the respectable Santana to test out his newly taught skills before he sat down to commit to his normal power pressure style.


GRADING HURD’S NEW APPROACH 📝 – What I assessed tonight, I was impressed with what I’ve seen, so I’m going to give Hurd an A- GRADE, and I am going to explain why.  There were some apparent upgrades to Hurd’s arsenal that were on display, as he was more careful defensively, as well as more fundamentally sound, with a better grasp at utilizing and manipulating distances.  Hurd used the jab a lot, more frequently than usual.

Typically Hurd would work behind somewhat clumsy footwork as he dragged his back foot, with him winging his punches wide, with cracks in his defensive arm positioning that would allow for certain shots to come up the middle, most noticeably the right hand when he fights orthodox fighters.  While Santana didn’t have the type of clever offensive ⚒️toolkit to use to bother Hurd, you can study Hurd on an individual scale to notice that his defense up the middle was much tighter, and his footwork was much more coordinated.

His new Head-Trainer 🗣️Kay Corona in their short time together has done a very solid job working with Hurd to help clean up some of his fundamentals in the gym, and it appears that he will continue to tutor Hurd to get the best out of him, as he is a sponge in soaking in information.  It will be interesting to see where they go from here in what is a wide open Super-Welterweight division, which is ripe for the taking for whoever wants it the most.



Saturday, January 25th, 2020

Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Super-Welterweight Contest


01/21/2020Jarrett Hurd Looking to Breathe New Life Into his Career Against Santana

Danny Garcia isn’t the only fighter nicknamed “Swift” to take to the Barclays Center this weekend. Maryland’s former Unified Super-Welterweight Titlist 🇺🇸Jarrett “Sw⚡ft” Hurd (23-1-0, 16KO👊) comes back to the ring after taking a little time off, and coming back with a different Coach and mindset, looking to get the train back rolling on the tracks against 33 year old opponent 🇺🇸Francisco “Chia” Santana (25-7-1, 12KO👊) for what will be the co-main event of the evening.


If you’ve noticed, the fighter who his entourage calls “Peasy” (due to his hair) has made a couple of changes in appearance as a cleanser of sorts symbolically to ↩️start anew – the gold ‘fro-hawk is gone.  After losing to 🇺🇸Julian “J Rock” Williams in a 2019 Fight-of-the-Year candidate on May 11th, and losing his WBA/IBF Title belts in the process, he took some time off to address some personal issues and made sure to get a handle on those situations and also a sense of stability within his close boxing circle before making the venture back in stepping between the ropes.

On the professional level, Hurd had to amicably part ways with Head-Trainer 🗣️Ernesto Rodriguez (who had Trained Hurd from the beginning of his career) due to a discrepancy between the two.  Long story short, Rodriguez was highly critical of Hurd’s in between fight-habits, and Hurd didn’t mind the criticism – however where everything went sour is that instead of Rodriguez sitting Hurd down to talk to him in length about his concerns behind closed doors, he took all of this information to the 🎤media instead, which Hurd did not take kindly to at all.  They would eventually sit down together to air out their grievances and try to hash it out, however their conversation ended with Rodriguez electing to step away from his position as Trainer.  Without having a Trainer in place, and not being in top shape, Hurd wisely turned down the timing of the proposed re-match with J Rock, as you never want to step into a major situation with a crack down the foundation of your team and your closest advisers.  Taking over at the helm as his new Head-Trainer will be local Maryland Coach 🗣️Kay Koroma.


A LITTLE PERSPECTIVE – Koroma will be looking to fast-track Jarrett Hurd on some fundamentals that aren’t up to par yet.  It is easy to forget that Hurd started his career late, and is essentially a late bloomer who has been learning fast on the job, but because of that and lack of amateur experience, he is still raw in a few areas, which intertwines itself with the things he is very good at doing.  🇺🇸Julian Williams made sure to take advantage of those weaknesses, and did so on a grandeur scale, which in the long run can do Hurd more good than harm, now that it has been revealed to him through experience what it is he needs to address and tighten up.


Now Williams just a couple of days back lost his WBA and IBF Super-Welterweight Titles to 🇩🇴Jeison Santana, but Hurd is still interested in a Williams re-match, of course to avenge his loss to say that he has defeating every man he faced in the ring.  Hurd will also have vested interest in keeping his eyes on Santana now that he has stepped into the spot that Hurd held this time last year, with an opportunity to win his 2 Title belts back.  In the short term, he will deal with Francisco Santana and look to get the job done at the Barclay’s Center come Saturday night.

01/21/2020 | Santana Looking to Make a Name for Himself


Most people when you hear the name Chia Santana, they’ll say to themselves “…who?” well understandably so.  He is not a ranked fighter in any of the sanctioning bodies when you talk about the top-15, and his career fits more into the mold of being a hardworking journeyman.  Sometimes there is a stigma inappropriately attached to the word “journeyman” as if you haven’t accomplished anything of note, which isn’t inherently the case, nor does it apply to Santana in his own individual right.  His best moment came recently when he defeated former 2008 ◯‍◯‍◯‍◯‍◯Olympic Gold-Medalist 🇩🇴Felix Diaz back on April 27th, 2018 by Majority Decision.


Diaz may have had an uneventful professional career, but he could fight, and many of those problems were attributed more to Managerial problems, age and him not settling in to a specific ⚖️weight, so it can still fit as a feather in the cap for Santana as a big achievement.  Anytime you can clear a Gold-Medalist with a victory is an indication that you are doing something right.  Well now he will be facing his biggest, and best opponent in Jarrett Hurd, and though unlikely, with the backdrop of what happened last week to Hurd’s rival Williams, that is added motivation for Francisco Santana to come out there on 🗓️January 25th in 🗽NY to give it his best shot.


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