Shields Defeats Hazabin via UD to Become 3-Weight Champion

By Tré Berry III🖊️

Last night at the Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, unbeaten women’s boxing superstar ♛🥇🥇🇺🇸Claressa “T-Rex” Shields (10-0-0, 2KO👊) made it a perfect “10” in the win column, as she dominated former Titlist 🇭🇷Ivana Habazin (20-4-0, 7KO👊) to a virtual points shutout victory, adding the WBC & WBO Super-Welterweight Titles to her crowded trophy case and adding to her growing legend on her side of the sport.

Habazin came into the fight tentative, while lurching forward looking to smother Claressa’s work. Unfortunately for Habazin, she often got in too close to where she smothered her own offensive output, to the point where it looked like a wrestling match-up from her vantage point. Claressa was very sharp as usual from middle distance, actively using her upper body movement to slip and evade punches, while waiting for Habazin to commit so that she could counter-punch over the top effectively, which she did rather well, to the point where Habazin shelled up behind her defense while searching for answers without the hands moving which nullified her chances at moments of success. Shields was in full command from the start of the fight throughout, and had Habazin at her mercy.

Ivana Habazin has a limited arsenal skill-wise, so it was a double detriment towards her efforts by not receiving sound, useful instruction in her corner from her acting Head-Trainer 🗣️Steve Upsher Chambers. It is interesting to think of, considering her normal Head-Trainer 🗣️James Ali Bashir was to get the assignment the first time this fight was scheduled, but after what happened to him during the initial weigh-in, he didn’t have this assignment, though he was in attendance for the contest. It wouldn’t have made much of a difference in the long run considering the seismic gap in skill between the two combatants that took to the ring, but he could have put Habazin in better position to put forth a more quality effort.

Shields was actively looking for the knockout, reasons being her trying to punish Habazin due to having some bad blood and turmoil between those 2 and their camps. Another reason for her was to make a statement to women’s boxing with her looking to 🚩stake claim as the best in the world, and to get the knockdown and/or knockout that has eluded her throughout he professional campaign. She would finally get that moment as she temporarily crippled Habazin in the 7th round with a body assault that made her take a knee. Habazin got up, and Claressa sought out for the knockout, though it didn’t come. She didn’t exactly need it, as he already put in the work to be up ahead comfortably on the cards, she was just trying to put the exclamation point on the fight for those in attendance at the venue. Shields is now a simultaneous 2-division Champion, with her holding 2 belts at Super-Welterweight, and with her being ♛Undisputed Middleweight Champion, holding all 5 of the belts in that weight category.  With this victory, the blue haired Flint, Michigan boxer has achieved history in a multitude of ways (more of that to be covered in following pieces) and has put herself in rarified territory when it comes to women’s boxing.

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