In Memoriam: Carlos De Leon (1959-2020), A Great Warrior Taken Away from Us 📰

By Tré Berry III🖊️

Rest in Piece to one of the greatest Cruiserweight’s of all time ♛🇵🇷Carlos “Sugar” De Leon (53-8-1, 33KO👊), who passed away earlier today from what was described as a heart seizure. He was 60 years old upon his passing. De Leon was one of the original pioneers of the Cruiserweight division, becoming its second World Champion after Marvin Camel, doing so by defeating Camel to collect the ♛Lineal and WBC World Titles.

A case could legitimately be made that De Leon was an 👑Undisputed Champion being that at the time only the WBC sanctioning body recognized the division as such, thus it being the only Title to exist for the division, which meant one sole Cruiserweight Champion. He went on to become a 3X Lineal Cruiserweight World Champion, and collected 5 Title Belts during his 21 years in the sport, ranging from 1974 all the way to 1995. He has had impressive wins over 🇺🇸Marvin Camel twice, 🇲🇽Yaqui Lopez, 🥇🇺🇸Leon Spinks, 🇺🇸S.T. Gordon, and mixed it up with the great 🥉🇺🇸Evander Holyfield, albeit coming in a loss. It is of the opinion of many pundits in boxing that De Leon stands as “Puerto Rico’s most underrated great boxer”. A winner of 14 World Title fights, his legacy will stand the test of time as a standard bearer for the division.

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