Kenshiro Puts Petalcorin Down 4 Times, With a Count Out to Defend his WBC Light-Flyweight Title

By Tré Berry III🖊️

Elite WBC Light-Flyweight Titlist 🇯🇵Kenshiro Teraji (17-0-0, 10KO👊) remains undefeated & gets his knockout total into the double digits as he overwhelmed Filipino challenger 🇵🇭Randy Petalcorin (31-4-1, 23KO👊) to open up the televised portion of the Yokohama fight card earlier today.

Kenshiro was looking for a fight early, actively bouncing about while in middle distance as he towered over his opponent (Shiro is listed at 5’5 while Petalcorin is 5’3, but the difference in height appeared greater than what is on paper) looking to measure for the power. Teraji would get his jab going early to control the middle of the ring. The southpaw Petalcorin didn’t have much to offer early on in the opener as he followed the Japanese World Titlist and had no answer or return fire in dealing with that aforementioned jab. The second round he started to get cooking a bit, landing a good cross after a sequence of range finder jabs just to touch Kenshiro, making sure he was close enough to land.  Petalcorin started to fire away with the power at the end of the round, perhaps gaining confidence at this point as Teraji kept his cards close to his chest.

Petalcorin started getting too comfortable standing in front of Kenshiro after throwing punches, and started to get taken advantage of as Teraji made him pay by following immediately with lead right hands over the top, and landed a couple of strong ones in the 3rd round. Getting Petalcorin weary of the shots upstairs, Teraji snuck a right cross downstairs to floor Petalcorin. He was hunched over in pain, but he fought on, trying to land the power, but Kenshiro this time came over the top with the right hand (the punch he was looking out for in the first place) and put him down for a 2nd time in the round. Right before the end of the 3rd round, Kenshiro went back downstairs to floor the Filipino fighter on the mat once again. He was able to beat the count and get to the end of the round, ending the nightmare round from his perspective.

Petalcorin came out angry in the 4th round and unleashed all he had left in his arsenal of power shots, and hitting Kenshiro with sound shots (he has a solid chin), but it was all for naught as Kenshiro once again knocked him down with a cross upstairs, followed by a heavy left hook to the body. As Petalcorin dropped to a knee once again, Kenshiro turned around displaying a smile, with the feeling of this fight coming to a close, and his hunch was right as Randy was not able to get up. He tried to beat the count, but the pain overrode his desire to continue, and he was counted right at the end of the 4th round, and Teraji got his 10th knockout victory of his career.

This was the 7th defense of his WBC Light-Flyweight Title, and as he keeps his reign going, has maintaining his positioning being universally recognized as a top-3 fighter in the weight class, with many pundits fitting him in as #2 sitting behind fellow countryman & RING-LINEAL/WBA Champion of the World 🇯🇵Hiroto Kyoguchi. That is certainly the type of company you want to be in, and the 27 year old Kenshiro has the world in front of him as he continues to make a splash while beginning to enter his prime years.

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