Chocolatito Gonzalez Successful in his Comeback, TKO2 Over Diocos to Win his Tune-up Bout

By Tré Berry III🖊️

At this stage in his career, and coming off of a 15 month layoff, the natural initial reaction for onlookers to take on 🇳🇮Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez (48-2-0, 40KO👊) is to assess “how does he look? what does he look like? how much does he have left in the tank?”, putting more onus on those questions than the fight verdict itself. Earlier today, we got a small glimpse into that, as Chocolatito cleared Filipino journeyman 🇵🇭Diomel Diocos (14-6-3, 4KO👊) by way of knockout.

Gonzalez looked agile and spry in his comeback, stalking his opponent and mixing it up to the head and to the body in trademark fashion as he went on the prowl to break down the Filipino boxer. The left hook to the body looked good, and he used it often. One thing that was noticeable was that for the first time, Chocolatito actually looked like a Super-Flyweight from the physical aspect instead of a blown up Flyweight with the skills to overcome the baby-fat in the midsection that slowed up his arsenal. He looked to be in very solid shape aesthetically (which is an indicator to me in things to come).


A big right hand hurt Diocos, so he supplied a heavy dose to his over-matched foe, and forced the Referee to administer a standing 8-count of sorts as he ruled the ropes kept Diocos up after there was a buckle at the knees from one of Gonzalez effective power punches. As the action ensued, Chocolatito stuck to his guns and put forth enough action to force the stoppage as Diocos had nothing to offer in return. This was a tune-up fight for the 32 year old Gonzalez – one that ended in the second round, however there are a few positive things you could pick from this going forward for Gonzalez as he re-enters the sport that has shrouded him with many accomplishments throughout the years.

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