A Closely Contested Rematch Came to an Abrupt End as Charlo Put Harrison Down Twice in the 11th Round and Secured the TKO Victory

By Tré Berry III🖊️

Hosted at the 🏟️Toyota Arena in Ontario, California, this rematch took on a different tone than the 1st fight, and provided more action, and with the tide of the fight tightening up down the stretch, 🇺🇸Jermell “Iron Man” Charlo (33-1-0, 17KO👊) came out like a tidal wave in the 11th round to land a big left hook to drop rival 🇺🇸Tony “Super Bad” Harrison (28-3-0, 21KO👊) and put forth the finishing touches toward getting the TKO victory en route to getting his WBC Super-Welterweight belt back to become a 2X World Titlist.

Charlo came out immediately ripping a ferocious left hook that he ended up missing, but it immediately set the tempo of the type of pressure that Jermell wanted to put on Harrison from the get-go. Harrison wanted to keep the tone and tempo of the fight slow and flicked the stick jab out there routinely to control the action. Harrison landed a pretty good right hand to punctuate the first round, one that he dictated with the use of that jab earlier. Adjustments were made by Charlo, loosening up his hands and letting them go with combinations, mixing both to the head and to the body.  Charlo also elected to fight more in the pocket, a stark contrast from the first fight where he was over-aggressive in multiple spots. Charlo in the 2nd round started to fall in the habit from the first fight of winging the right hand too wide, putting too much mustard on it, which skewed his accuracy a bit. Late in the second stanza however, Charlo landed a big left hook on the inside of Harrison’s glove that was up (but too far back by his right ear), and wasn’t able to pick the shot off, instead getting hit flush to where he went down to the canvas. He got up, and made it out of the round, getting to his corner to regroup and regain his composure in between rounds.

Charlo was hell-bent in trying to knock out Harrison in the following round, pressing the action too hard and hitting much of the forearms, but did so with the intent of trying to strip down the confidence of Harrison as he swung away. Harrison started to pick up momentum with seconds to go in the round, landing solid singular crosses, then landing a couple of impressive combinations right before the 🔔bell. The fights tone developed to a feverish pitch (though sloppy at times), but the action was quality at this point. Charlo in the 4th round started to fight more on the back-foot, which coming in I felt was his best tactic in forcing Harrison (who is a natural counter puncher) to lead with the action. A beautiful check-hook was landed by Charlo as Harrison was coming in, but the Champion took it well. To follow, Harrison got in some good work to the body and maintained the consistency that he had established. Charlo successfully landed a strong uppercut combination to punctuate the end of the 4th round. Round 5 both boxers took it to the inside and ripped away to the body. Harrison maintained sound defense by keeping his hands up and his elbows tucked in to nullify Charlo’s offensive outbursts, and he himself started to find some cracks to Charlo’s defense upstairs with the right hand, and in finding openings to rip away at the body.

Harrison started to stalk and land short uppercuts and hooks up close and had himself a very productive 6th round, taking control of the flow of the fight. Charlo was actively trying to land something big of significance, but he was having major trouble finding ways to land precisely underneath the elbows, in between and behind the gloves, falling short of his intended 🎯targets with the power blows. To combat it, Charlo started to diversify his attack in the 7th and began landing better single shots, but Harrison through it all was still scoring well up top with the right hand. Round 8 felt like an important one in terms of where the direction of the contest was going, and it was approached that way by Charlo who stepped up his output. Harrison was looking to counter Charlo coming in and landed a couple solid right hands during those moments. Charlo came out in attack mode by the time the 10th round came about, and he landed quality shots in dictating the round while Harrison’s output dipped, as he stuck behind his defensive shell.


The Championship rounds snuck up on us, and we were treated to an 💥explosion by Jermell Charlo who felt the urgency to do something big, and caught Harrison with a devastating left hook that once again slipped to the inside of Harrison’s high guard with the right hand (Harrison never made the adjustment of bringing his hand forward to guard the chin and block the hook). Harrison got up, but as the action continued, Charlo jumped on Harrison and landed a stiff cross, and unleashed a barrage of big uppercuts to slump him down by the ropes for a second knockdown in the round. Jermell thought the fight was over and jumped on the turnbuckle to celebrate, but Harrison was able to get up, and convince 🗣️Referee Jack Reiss to continue. Charlo after he became aware of the situation was quickly able to dial back in once again to fire away at Harrison to force Jack Reiss to stop the fight with ⏲️32 seconds left in the 11th round. Harrison protested with Reiss immediately following, believing that not enough of Charlo’s punches was getting in to warrant it, but from Reiss perspective, Harrison was drunk on his feet, stuck on the ropes and wasn’t offering any return fire to get Jack to back off as he was leering in to gauge the condition that Tony was in, leaving him no choice but to step in.  Charlo though he had fits of trouble had come up big in his promise to get the World Title back that he felt never should have left him in the first place, and can now say without controversy that he is the reigning WBC Super-Welterweight Champion.

Neither Charlo nor Harrison like each other (if you hadn’t already notice), so it was like pulling teeth to get them to give any type of embrace, with Harrison visibly feeling dejected and gutted about the Title returning hands to the man he won it from by the grace of the judges, to the fighter that he had built up much animosity towards.  To Harrison’s credit though, he was accepting of Jack Reiss call, citing him as a Championship Referee who has keen insight in doing his job, and congratulated Charlo (of course having difficulty getting the words out his mouth, nonetheless he found a spot to be gracious).

Charlo, while in some ways giving credit to Harrison, he openly shared his distaste for the Detroit-based fighter.  He also shared that he looks for 2020 to be a big year fo him, as he looks toward bigger and better opportunities.  With Charlo having the WBC Belt, 🇺🇸Julian “J-Rock” Williams is another Titlist in the division right now as he unified both the WBA and IBF Titles (the WBO is held by 🇧🇷Patrick Teixeira), and with that being in mind, that is the only opportunity at this current juncture bigger than having a 3rd Harrison fight.  Considering everything, if that fight were to come about (assuming that Williams wins his fight against 🇩🇴Jeison Rosario on January 18th, 2020), a fight between Jermell Charlo & Julian Williams should produce a Lineal Super-Welterweight Champion, whether it be by RING-MAGAZINE’s lineage, or by TBRB’s version.  Either way, that appears to be a fight that we can anticipate in the near future if everything lines up properly.  As for this fight that just wrapped up between Harrison and Charlo, here are the punch-stats, as well as the Official Judges scorecards, and how we at Project Combat had it tallied up before the big 11th round came about.


🤜 Jermell Charlo = 127/582, 21.8% Landed.
🤜 Tony Harrison = 121/389, 31.1% Landed.


✎ Tim Cheatham = 95 – 94 for TONY HARRISON
✎ David Sutherland = 96 – 93 for JERMELL CHARLO
✎ Dr. Lou Moret = 96 – 93 for JERMELL CHARLO

✎ Tré Berry = 95 – 94 for TONY HARRISON
✎ Jon Uddin = 96 – 93 for TONY HARRISON



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