Daniel Jacobs Gets Into the Super-Middleweight Mix – Chavez Jr. Quits, Stirring up Anger from the Crowd to Throw Stuff Into the Ring

By Tré Berry III🖊️

At the ⚖️weigh-in yesterday, 🇲🇽Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (51-4-1, 33KO👊) lost 1 million dollars as a payoff to 🇺🇸Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs (36-3-0, 30KO👊) for grossly missing weight by 4 1/2 lbs. to try and persuade Jacobs in continuing to choose him as the option for Friday night instead of rolling his attention over to 🇺🇸Gabriel Rosado, who was the replacement waiting in the wings. To go on top of the massive money lost (a third of his $3M contract), Chavez Jr. also lost in the ring tonight, and not only lost, but lost many of the fans he had left when quitting after 5 rounds (the trifecta) as Jacobs established control of the contest and made due for a solid introductory performance to the Super-Middleweight division.

Jacobs came out fighting in the orthodox stance while a noticeably huge Chavez stalked him. Motivated by the roar of the crowd cheering him on (how things would quickly change), he pushed forward looking to land hard to the body. Jacobs patiently took his time getting a look at his opponent and kept his cards close to his vest before he started to open up by flicking the jab after getting his distance down. Chavez Jr. landed a solid right hand at the end of the round, but Jacobs took it rather well – 📌something to note as we gauge how Jacobs will handle punches coming from bigger men. The second round, Jacobs began to stand his ground a little more in looking to establish the upper hand in ring generalship and trying to slow down Chavez aggression with mental pressure, and in starting to target with his right hand.

Chavez early in the third landed a clubbing right hand over the top, and landed a couple straight ones down the pike as well – the one shot that was landing regularly. Jacobs however was able to nullify Julio’s other weapons, forcing him into a 1 dimensional attack while Daniel started to open his combination punching up after gaining confidence in dealing with the physicality and power of the larger opponent. Jacobs began to fight inside, wrestling and mauling with Chavez to try and starch Chavez of some of the physicality, and from this point on, Jacobs started to open up the 🧰tool-kit, utilizing different skills. There was some very good action going down the stretch of the 4th, with Chavez landing a couple of solid power shots, while Jacobs up to this point landing the best punch of the fight, that being the right hand after landing a successful combination.

The action slowed a bit in the 5th round, which was a plus for Jacobs looking to control the pace, to use his superior feet and boxing IQ. Chavez every once in a while kept landing singular, sound right hand bombs to the enjoyment of the Phoenix crowd, and in keeping Jacobs honest in his exploits. After the 5th stanza concluded, there was some commotion happening in the Chavez corner, with 🗣️Head-Trainer Freddie Roach talking to his fighter, and the Referee came over to check on him. After asking what was troubling him, he then asked Chavez a couple of times if he wanted to continue, and Chavez elected not to, and instead QUIT, thus Referee Wes Melton waiving the fight off, which was met with an immediate scattering of boos from a rawkus crowd who had flipped the switch from collective backing to 🦈sharks swirling in infested-waters looking to pull Chavez proverbially into the sea of doubt that he has created himself throughout his career.


Developing a bad reputation with the public, tonight may signal hisend, and he may have lost the last fans he had left that still backed him throughout his ridiculous antics that he had brought to boxing during his tenure in the sport.

Fans began throwing stuff into the ring in big time frustration over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. quitting (shades of 🇺🇸Mike Tyson & 🇵🇱Andrew Golota’s Heavyweight bout in 2000). Though it is VERY understandable to share that level of frustration, it is not permissible to throw things at the ring, especially when you have multiple people in the ring after the bout. Now after pointing that out, a dismayed reaction was shown on the face of 👑♛🇲🇽Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. when the camera panned over to him after the bout was called off by the Referee.


One can wonder what was going through “El Gran Campeon’s” head, but certainly he was displeased with the turn of events here. Jacobs sat in the middle of the ring while he was surrounded by people with someone holding a sign in front of Jacobs to protect him from any incoming objects (a smart move I might add), and Jacobs with a smile on his face said he couldn’t really enjoy his victory the right way. He also understood that the raining of bottles and objects wasn’t inherently directed towards him, but reflective in anger of Chavez Jr’s supporters whom were frustrated over the actions that he had carried out. Jacobs was happy with his victory, and will ultimately move on to see what is the next step toward him getting closer to the big fights.

🗣️A MESSAGE TO CHAVEZ JR – As for 🇲🇽Julio Cesar Chavez Jr…..listen, as a Professional (emphasis on the word professional) prize fighter, you are obligated to fully commit yourself to the sport, not just for your plight, but for your own health in what is a dangerous sport, as well as giving a consistent committed effort for the other people that invest money in you like those with power in the world of boxing, and those that invest time into you such as the fans. Either you are IN as a fighter, or you are OUT, there’s no in between. Throughout your recent years, you have made a decision to desecrate the sport, run short your family name in terms of the commitment aspect contributed on your end, and let down the people that gave you another shot at a major opponent in Jacobs that you did not deserve. You can do us all a favor and retire – leave boxing in the hands of the serious minded boxers who contribute blood sweat and tears in protecting and enhancing the fabric of the sport instead of taking it up part time and taking advantage of the family name to get those undeserved opportunities.

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