Canelo Alvarez Vacates WBO Light-Heavyweight Title – Explaining Why it Was Done, and What is Next 🗞️

By Tré Berry III🖊️

From November 3rd up till now, ♛🇲🇽Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (53-1-2, 35KO👊) was in possession of multiple Titles, such as the RING/WBA/WBC(Franchise) Middleweight Titles, as well as the recent WBO Light-Heavyweight Title that he picked up after knocking out 🇷🇺Sergey Kovalev. After being forced to choose a direction at the 🔱fork in the road, Canelo has decided to vacate his Light-Heavyweight belt.

By the WBO stipulations, they aren’t on board with having multi-weight division Champions simultaneously ruling divisions with their belt involved in the equation, though they allow you to be able to have a chance in winning it. What that means is that Canelo was ultimately faced with the decision whether to vacate his Title(s) at 160, or for him to drop his Title at 175. The most logical move was for him to vacate the Light-Heavyweight belt, being that he isn’t a natural 175 pound fighter, and with his fight with Kovalev feeling like a one-off proposition for him at the weight category.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that just because he vacated the Title, that his business at Light-Heavyweight is done, but considering the landscape with the 🦈sharks that lurk in those waters, it is highly likely that this experiment for the near future is off the table. The question then becomes what is next? for those who had questions about Canelo’s plight in ever going back down to Middleweight again, he chose to keep those belts in tact, which means he may look to take up a big opportunity soon at 160, or at 168 lbs.

Considering the massive contract he is under with Golden Boy, using 💻DAZN’s platform, and his comparatively low numbers generated (from his norm) surrounding the Kovalev fight, it would seem that the most marketable opponents, as well as the best fighters around the weights would be looked at as immediate options – we’re all familiar with them, fighters like IBF Middleweight Champion 🥈🇰🇿Gennadiy “GGG” Golovkin for a 3rd contest, WBO Titlist 🇺🇸Demetrius Andrade, RING-MAGAZINE/WBA Super-Middleweight Champion of the world 🇬🇧Callum Smith, WBO Super-Middleweight Titlist 🇬🇧Billy Joe Saunders, or perhaps even a match with secondary Japanese WBA Middleweight Titlist 🥇🇯🇵Ryota Murata if he emerges victorious a few days from now, traveling to Japan to tap into that major market for a big revenue contest (it is already setup formally by the WBA to where the two could meet to form a singular WBA holder of their Title).  We shall see from this point, but all in all, as of right now, Canelo is solely a Middleweight Champion after vacating his Light-Heavyweight title.

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