Teofimo Blasts Commey Out in Second Round – Becomes New IBF Lightweight Champion

By Tré Berry III🖊️

Upon putting this solid card together, Lopez vs. Commey was the one fight that the majority of fans and pundits looked towards as a high-end match-up of two quality Lightweights who could possibly produce a long drawn out war with close scoring. Instead what we got was a ransacking from the hands of now-IBF Lightweight Titlist 🇭🇳🇺🇸Teofimo “Takeover” Lopez (15-0-0, 12KO👊), who emphatically snatched the belt from 🇬🇭Richard “RC” Commey (29-3-0, 26KO👊) with timing and sheer explosiveness to get him out of there by technical knockout in the second round.

This being Teofimo’s first experience in a major World Title fight, he showed zero jitters and stood strong in the pocket the entire fight, surveying the then-Ghanaian former Champion, and looking for 🎯spots to counter with the right hand. He noticed that Commey was a little wide with his left hook, and exposed half his body when he threw the right hand, so he put that in the immediate memory bank to expose later as he looked for ways to bait him into the trap to exploit what Commey was revealing to him. Early on Commey landed a flush right hand that knocked Teofimo off-balanced, but from that point on, Lopez was able to evade the big punch. He landed some strong crosses of his own, and early it seemed like the fight was ready to build up to what it was that we anticipated with back and forth action.

When you have 💥one-punch level type of power, things can change in an instant once you are able to hit the sweet spot, that of course being the tip of the chin. Commey got careless with his lead hand and brought his hand back down to his chest after firing a jab instead of lifting it back up to his chin, and Teofimo fired a quick, heavy right hand that took the juice out of Commey’s legs and forced him to take a knee on the mat.


Commey tried to get up way too fast and ended up falling back down to the canvas. Commey was able to make the 8-count, but he was in all fits of trouble, as his legs went on a vacation. Lopez understanding the magnitude of the opportunity calmly and carefully trekked his way forward and threw repeated 💣bombs to Commey, landing flush on many occasion in the sequence and beat Commey up, forcing him into a shell defense where Teofimo refused to let up on the punishment. With no return fire, and the brutal shots that Commey was taking, veteran Referee David Fields stepped in to save Richard from an ongoing onslaught to give Teofimo Lopez the signature win and knockout that he has been seeking to unlock a new door full of opportunities.


Teofimo Lopez became the first World Titlist in boxing of Honduran descent, and he achieved his accomplishment in style, indicative to how he carries himself before and after his fights, which has galvanized a litany of fans throughout New York City, who tune in as much to see his antics as they do to witness his sound talent. With those qualities in place, that brings together the makings of a 🌠star, with potential crossover appeal. After he did his patented dances and backflip, he went over to hug a dejected Richard Commey, to cheer him up and give him some reassuring words to lift the spirits of the former Champion. Lopez was overtaken with emotion in his post-fight interview as he has happy to be in a place where he always felt he belonged, and in doing so the way that he ended up doing it. He acknowledged a major plan that has been laid out for 2020, but he also said he would like to take a little time to unwind and enjoy life after winning the IBF belt. I say enjoy it and take it all in, well deserved.

With Teofimo officially putting himself on the map in terms of the Title picture, he now will have his first opportunity to become a real Champion as he now has a looming showdown with RING-MAGAZINE/WBA/WBC(Franchise)/WBO Lightweight Champion of the World 👑🥇🥇🇺🇦Vasiliy “Loma” Lomachenko (14-1-0, 10KO👊) for what will be an April date next year in 2020.


The victor in this potential winner-take-all match-up will ultimately etch themselves in history as being the first Undisputed Lightweight Champion (by proxy) since the late great ♛🥇🇺🇸Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker achieved this accomplishment back on August 11th, 1990 – when he knocked out 🇵🇷Juan Nazario in the first round to unify all RING/WBA/WBC/IBF World Titles.

Teofimo who has been the quick rising prospect-now turned contender has been a ⚡lightning rod that has attracted viewers with his flare, and offensive explosiveness, doing a good job of galvanizing a contingent of viewers looking for a star with the showmanship to match the talent. He appears to fit the bill and there is definitely a market for him. He has also been one of the very few people who actually expressed interest constantly in fighting Lomachenko, so by him taking care of business here, he has now put in the work and done what he needed to do in order to get a shot at not just the Lightweight World Championship against Lomachenko, but with P4P goals staring him in the face, as his opponent has lifted himself to historic comparisons.

As for Vasiliy Lomachenko, coming in as a pro at 26, and with very little argument putting together the most dominant amateur run in boxing history, he has had 2 goals since entering the pro ledger. The first goal that he has always been dead-set on is to become an ♛Undisputed World Champion, and everything now finally lines up well for him to have the opportunity to do so, after being gridlocked at Featherweight and Super-Featherweight due to reluctance of other Titleholders to step up for Unification opportunities.


His second goal was to be an ambassador and push the boundaries of boxing as far as it can be pushed. That he is already currently doing, and would like to continue to push further by him once again putting himself and his brand in rarified territory. Vasiliy now has the fighter in front of him that he wanted to teach a lesson to after all of the trash-talk coming from Teofimo Jr. and his 🗣️Father/Head-Trainer Teofimo Lopez Sr. over the last couple of years, so we will ultimately see what goes down between the two in April, as this fight will garner serious widespread attention from the boxing masses.

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