Haney Sidelined For at Least 6 Months, Stripped of WBC Title 🗞️

Back on November 9th, undefeated boxer 🇺🇸Devin “The Dream” Haney (24-0-0, 15KO👊) was defending his WBC Title against 🇩🇴Alfredo Santiago. During the post fight interview, he specified an injury with his right shoulder that had occurred during the bout. Apparently what Haney suffered was a torn labrum in his right shoulder, so he decided to take up the surgery, and will be sidelined for an extensive period of time.

The ramifications that may come from it on the boxing side of the ledger is that he had a Mandatory defense lined up that he was forced to take against #1 WBC contender 🇩🇴Javier Fortuna, however due to Haney being on the mend, he can’t take that fight up in the designated time period, so he was stripped of his WBC Lightweight Title. Haney was still upbeat, and stated that his mission is to come back and nab all of the belts at Lightweight, but he will have to take his time getting back to the sport, and making sure his rehab goes according to plan.  In the meantime he has been relegated to “Champion in Recess” status, which basically means that by proxy, he will be eligible to fight for his Title back against who will have the WBC belt in possession.

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