Emanuel Navarette Closes the Year with Hometown Knockout

By Jon Uddin

The homecoming fight for 🇲🇽 Emanuel Navarette went as planned as he successfully defended his WBO Super-Bantamweight title for the fourth time this year, stopping countryman 🇲🇽Francisco Horta in the fourth round at Auditorio GNP Seguros in Puebla, Mexico Saturday night.

It was easy to see the pride exuding from the 24 year old as he made his way to the ring, draped in a black, red and green poncho, smiling from ear to ear as he heard the cheers reigning down for him from the fans in attendance. The excitement for the moment even carried into the meeting center ring with his opponent for the night, Francisco Horta, as Navarette still wore the exuberant smile that washed away any potential intense stare downs.

The sound of the opening bell switched the flip for Navarette, as he got down to business as usual of setting the stage with his jab, feeling out Horta and applying pressure with his looping left and right hands, all to the crowds chants of his ring moniker “VAQUERO! VAQUERO!”

Navarette’s gameplan has been built around a high work rate and continuous pressure, both of which were on full display Saturday night as he took the fight to Horta, even switching southpaw in small gaps, which proved to be an effective attack against the 26 year old native of Cancun, Mexico. Navarette’s looping left hooks shot over Horta’s earmuff defense, his thudding right hook to the body could be heard ringside, and his straight right found a way to split his guard, putting Horta in the club with Navarette’s previous opponents who have been unable to find an effective counter to his unorthodox attack that comes at you from all angles.

By the fourth round it was clear that Horta was laboring, and Navarette, true to form, sensed that it was the right time to crank it up another gear and close the show. Unleashing his arsenal, Navarette sent Horta reeling into the corner unable to respond to his flurry, but somehow finding his way out of the storm. The relief was temporary for Horta, as he just didn’t have the legs to navigate his way out of trouble for long, fading under Navarette’s shots both up top and to the body, until the referee jumped in to halt the fight at the 2:09 mark of the round.

Navarette improves to 30-1-0 with 26 knockouts, closing the year out with four successful title defenses all ending before the final bell. With Saturday’s loss, Francisco Horta falls to 20-4-1 with 10 knockouts.


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