Clash on the Dunes – Ruiz & Joshua to Take Care of Unfinished Business in Saudi Arabia in their Rematch

By Tré Berry III🖊️

Back on June 1st of 2019, 📺we witnessed one of the biggest upsets take place in recent history in the Heavyweight division.  The tides were turned and flipped the proverbial boat over, changing the landscape of the division, and it was done by a Mexican-American talent who personified and brought to life the 🎥🎬Rocky Balboa story and made it a reality.  That fighter of course being now-Unified 🇲🇽🇺🇸WBA/WBO/IBF Heavyweight Titlist Andy “Destroyer” Ruiz Jr. (33-1-0, 22KO👊), who properly lived up to his nickname by running through previously unbeaten and heralded then-Unified World Titlist 🥇🇬🇧Anthony “AJ” Joshua (22-1-0, 21KO👊)  and at least temporarily derailed some major plans that were left on the table.  This rematch here, both fighters have a 🔥burning desire to prove something not just to the mass public who has been eagerly anticipating this fight, but also to themselves to see where it is exactly they belong at atop the division, and in having full on confidence with what they are both capable of doing.

Upon hearing of the news that this December 7th rematch would be fought at a location in 🇸🇦Saudi Arabia, onus was taken by those in power to actually create a new stadium for this event, and that new stadium will be called 🏟️Diriyah Arena, of course apropos considering that is the region in which they will be fighting at. (New Stadium Pictured Below)


Andy Ruiz Jr., while getting his praise and ongoing ⚡shock stories revealed to him by people who witnessed the upset, still encounters a contingent of people who believe that his accomplishment was a fluke of some sorts, so his natural motivation is built in to show the world once again he can do, and close the 📖📕chapter on the Joshua train in his favor, also in 📈upping his status in the Heavyweight division by further laying the groundwork as an upper-echelon boxer at the weight category.

Joshua’s motivation is completely different, but he has a lot to prove as well.  Joshua being one of the biggest 💵earners in the sport not only has his back against the wall when it comes to future major revenue bouts, but also with critical acclaim as Ruiz has forced himself into a spot where he acts as a roadblock against all of Joshua’s desired plans.  There have also been droves of people who question his chin, as well as his heart, as some people (I’m not sure I’m in agreement with them, although I can see where their skepticism comes from) felt that Joshua quit the first fight after deciding he had enough punishment.


Typically at this time we see a more jovial, loquacious former 🥇Gold-Medalist, who always looks to find a 🎥camera in the room to get in more air-time, but this time around, Joshua has been remarkably quiet, and curt with some of his responses whenever he has done some 🎤scheduled interviews.  For an extrovert like Joshua, a quiet man can be a very dangerous one, as he’s putting aside all the other components of being a star, and focusing in solely on the task at hand to get his 3 Title Belts back.  On the other side, Ruiz Jr. is naturally dangerous period as a big man with unusually fast hands for someone of his stature, with a good deal of pop on his punches in both hands.  With both possessing a great deal of power……anything goes! with this one, and with the natural disposition of this Heavyweight division.

As normally accustomed, with 🗣️Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Boxing Promotions, this fight will be shown to a global audience on the 💻DAZN streaming app, and will take place on Saturday, December 7th.  We will give you an update of what time this Heavyweight-laden 📋fight card will take place (more to come from an interesting overall fight card in the upcoming week.


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