Frampton Puts on a Body Punching Clinic Against McCreary for the Unanimous Decision Victory

By Tré Berry III🖊️

For what was former World Champion 🇬🇧Carl “The Jackal” Frampton’s (27-2-0, 15KO👊) first fight officially at Super-Featherweight (a contracted weight of 128 lbs), he looked as sharp overall as he had looked in years and shined, showing a multi-faceted bag of tricks in out-thinking young previously unbeaten boxer 🇺🇸Tyler McCreary (16-1-1, 7KO👊), flooring him twice, and cruised to the Unanimous Decision verdict. 

The 26 year old Tyler McCreary has some good natural talent, but despite boasting a 4 inch height advantage, and having an 8-10 inch reach advantage, he does not know how to use his natural gifts, and in those scenarios, it takes a skilled, seasoned veteran to use your lack of boxing acumen against you. In comes Carl Frampton to perfectly fill that seat, as he used his craft, his footwork, his boxing IQ and his counter-punching to befuddle the bigger man and exerting his dominance to take away the confidence of the younger fighter and show the different degrees of levels between the two. Frampton completely nullified McCreary’s jab and constantly targeted the ribs, landing many scintillating shots to the body, by variety of left and right hooks, then getting out of harms way to reset the sequence. As McCreary was unable to properly establish his outside game, he grew increasingly frustrated and started to rely more on his natural instinct, though that approach wasn’t to his benefit neither.

In round 6, Frampton landed a thudding left hook to the body, and McCreary winced from the pain, eventually taking a knee, to where he just barely beat the 10-count given by 🗣️Referee Kenny Bayless. In the 9th round, Frampton landed a beautiful double left hook to the ribs that put McCreary down once again. Getting up at the count of 6, he continued, but looked to be on wobbly legs, and Frampton tried his best to close the show, however McCreary was able to survive that onslaught and ultimately see his way to the final bell. I personally gave McCreary one of the 10 rounds, but on all 3 official scorecards, Frampton was given every round for a shutout, each with scores of 100-88 (3x).

What is being cooked up and ultimately in the works is with Carl Frampton getting a World Title shot against “The Fighting Marine” 🇺🇸Jamel Herring (21-2-0, 10KO👊) next for his WBO Super-Featherweight Title that will take place some time next year in 2020.  Frampton has his eyes dead set on becoming the first Irish-born fighter to become a 3-division World Champion, as he tries to further cement his legacy to improve his standing as arguably Ireland’s greatest fighter from a historical viewpoint.  With that being stated, after the fight, Frampton has indicated that he re-fractured his hand in sparring twice – the same hand that he had fractured in the freak accident in a hotel lobby that sidelined him from a scheduled fight months ago.  He decided that the show must go on being that many of his countrymen made the trip across the pond to cheer on their hero on.  Watching the fight live, Frampton has a good poker face, because there were no indicators from my personal assessment that he had any lingering hand injury, plus he was digging heavily to the body with it.  All in all, the hand is something to keep a close eye on as the wheels look to be in motion for the Herring fight, as it of course plays a major factor when it comes to timing, and other aspects to be associated with the potential event.

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