On the Radar:📡 Can Xu

By Tré Berry III🖊️ | 11/27/2019

(Can Xu Puts in A Lot of Work)

BOXER: 🇨🇳Can Xu🇨🇳

FEAT ACCOMPLISHED: Setting the Featherweight record for most punches ever thrown in a contest

THE PATH TO THE GOAL:📈 Let it all out and never leave any bullets in the chamber is an old mantra that I will use here. Well on Saturday night, Chinese secondary-Featherweight Titlist 🇨🇳Can Xu (18-2-0, 3KO👊) lived true to these words and never let up against Manny Robles III, and threw nonstop punches through 12 rounds, averaging an astonishing 130 punches per round, totaling an eye-popping 1,562 punches through 36 minutes of action.

Robles, being swamped by the action couldn’t find much time to string together sequences of anything, and was forced into a defensive shell not being able to see the target due to Xu’s relentless motor. Robles had his moments and gave a solid account of himself, but the variety, and effect volume of Xu was too much for him to handle at the end of the day, and the verdict resulted in a Unanimous Decision for Can Xu, with scores of 120-108, 119-109 & 118-110.

Xu appears to be across the street from where he would like to be, and with some potential moves going on elsewhere, he may get what he seeks. As stated earlier, he has the secondary version of the WBA Title, whereas the real WBA Title belongs to that of “El Terremoto” 🇲🇽Leo Santa Cruz. With Santa Cruz obtaining a belt up at Super-Featherweight and flirting with the idea of moving up permanently, this would automatically open the door for Xu to upgrade his status as the WBA Champion, thus making him a true Titlist.

Can Xu also has a quality to him that should be endearing to fans looking to root for new talent, and for someone who is able to have that type of activity and throw that many punches in a bout, that will automatically gravitate towards those who are looking for high octane action. With the verdict not being of importance here, could you imagine the volume of activity and workrate 🇨🇳Can Xu vs 🇬🇧Josh “Leeds Warrior” Warrington would create?? one can only hope…but as for Mr. Xu, welcome to the 📖record books, firing off nearly 1,600 punches in a 12 round contest.

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