Rene Alvarado Dominates in Rematch with Andrew Cancio to Claim First World Title

By Jon Uddin✏

The plans that Andrew Cancio had laid out for 2020 will have to go on hold for a while.

In no way shape or form did Saturday nights rematch between 🇳🇮Rene Alvarado play out the way 🇺🇸Andrew Cancio expected, as Alvarado came out firing on all cylinders, carving Cancio up with a rapid fire attack from all angles on his way to taking the WBA “Regular” World Super Featherweight Title.

Throughout the year Cancio has been a great underdog story, all starting with his major upset over then WBA champion 🇵🇷Alberto Machado in February. His hometown of Blythe, California honored him with a key to the city in April and two months later he proved that what he had accomplished was no fluke as he took Machado down again in their rematch in June.

Saturday night in Indio he was no longer the underdog. As a matter of fact, having previously stopped the Nicaragua native back in 2015, he was a heavy betting favorite over Alvarado, now playing the unfamiliar role of the hunted. Having both revenge and a title on the line, Alvarado would prove that he was more than comfortable wearing the hat of a big game hunter.

When the opening bell sounded Alvarado was on top of the champion, letting his hands go in a deliberate and fiery fashion. The flurry from Alvarado flustered Cancio, who had the original gameplan of using the ring and controlling distance, to the point where he was stuck center ring while continuing to be pelted by hooks and crosses from the longtime contender. A cut that opened over Cancio’s left eye in the third round became a target that Alvarado zeroed in on, putting a bit more zing on those shots to Cancio’s head. It was at this point that the Fantasy Springs crowd and anyone watching knew that trouble was brewing for the blue collar champion.

By the fifth round there was a clear change in the body language of Cancio who was attempting to dig deep but fading under the onslaught of Alvarado who appeared to be fueled by everything from revenge, a world title, his native Nicaraguan 🇳🇮Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez being ringside, and the fact he was fighting on the 45th anniversary of Nicaraguan legend ♛ 🇳🇮Alexis Arguello’s first WBA World Championship win. Cancio would attempt to catch a spark in the sixth round as he delivered more right hands and body shots in an attempt to slow down the blistering pace of Alvarado. By that point the beaten and bloodied Cancio’s work was all in vain as Alvarado had found and implemented the gameplan to break him down, and kept it rolling until referee Raul Caiz decided enough was enough, putting an end to the battering Cancio was taking at the end of the seventh round.

With that, Rene Alvarado finally has the World Title that has always eluded him. Full of emotion after the fight he stated how overwhelmed he was by the moment and that he was now a world champion like his brother, Felix Alvarado who holds the IBF junior flyweight title. At the time of the stoppage Alvarado was totally in control on all three judges scorecards, 70-63, 70-63 and 69-64. The now WBA “Regular” World Super Featherweight Champion Rene Alvarado improves to 32-8-0, 21KO while Cancio falls to 21-5-2, 16KO.

Photo by Tom Hogan/Hoganphotos





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