Figueroa and Ceja Battle it Out in Competitive Fight to a Draw Verdict

By Tré Berry III🖋️ 

Considering the manner in which the fight was fought, they could have fought in a phone booth and been just fine operating. 🇺🇸Brandon “The Heartbreaker” Figueroa (20-0-1, 15KO👊) found himself in a war, and welcomed it with open arms as challenger 🇲🇽Julio Ceja (32-4-1, 28KO👊) went full on and gave the young fighter all he could handle with the final verdict of the fight ending in a draw. 

The hook of the match-up before the fight was the embarrassment of Ceja missing the weight by 4 1/2 lbs (came in at 126.5 lbs) and showing up to the scale as a Super-Featherweight instead of a Super-Bantamweight. While that will need serious addressing and reprimand for Ceja’s part, if you put the fight itself in a vacuum, this was one of, if not the most competitive and entertaining fight of the night. There was very little to no outside movement, as they predominately fought shoulder-to-shoulder and traded ripping body shots, with Figueroa periodically mixing it up and going upstairs, while Ceja exclusively worked the body to try to break the taller man down. On sight, Figueroa isn’t exactly the most menacing looking guy, to the point where you wouldn’t think he was a boxer if you were not familiar of his work, but here is a fight that brought out his inner fortitude and showed his true grit as a Prizefighter.

A secondary WBA strap was on the line (that Figueroa came in with), and with the fight feeling like a close one, the anticipation of the read-out of the scores was damaged by Ceja’s weight conundrum, as if he had won the fight, the Title would just become vacant instead of switching hands, taking away from some of the drama. Legendary acclaimed Ring-Announcer 🗣️Jimmy Lennon Jr. announced that the fight was ruled a draw, and the scoring seem apt for this contest. By proxy, Figueroa kept his Title, and this one gets counted as a Title defense in the books. The 22 year old Figueroa expressed his desire to fight the best in the Super-Bantamweight decision, and seemed open about re-matching his fight with Ceja. This is one fight I wouldn’t mind seeing them re-do, however Ceja would have to display some professionalism this time around as fulfill his obligations stipulated in his contract.

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