Nery Misses Weight, Fight with Rodriguez is OFF🗞️

By Jon Uddin✏

The scheduled Bantamweight bout between former Champions 🇲🇽Luis Nery and 🇵🇷Emmanuel Rodriguez on the Wilder vs. Ortiz undercard is off after Nery came in at 119 lbs, one pound over the 118 limit and he decided not to drop the extra pound. 

Negotiations were attempted for a deal to pay Rodriguez more money and would include a rehydration clause that would’ve put a cap on how much weight Nery could put on by Saturday morning. For safety reasons Rodriguez said no to the fight. The original purses were set at $75,000 for Rodriguez and $300,000 for Nery.

For Nery, this failure goes on top of his missed weight for the Yamanaka rematch where he was stripped of his WBC Bantamweight belt after coming in at 123 pounds in the first weigh in attempt, and 121 the second time, still three pounds over the limit .The rematch was mandated after Nery came up dirty in a test administered by VADA for zilpaterol in their first fight where Nery defeated Yamanaka by fourth round knockout.

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