Cano Floored in the 1st – Gets up to Hammer Ortiz for 2nd Round KO

Trending upward Junior-Welterweight contender 🇲🇽Pablo Cesar Cano (33-7-1, 23KO👊) found himself in a fight against rugged veteran & fellow-Mexican 🇲🇽Roberto Ortiz (35-5-2, 26KO👊) through their 2 rounds of action. While the fight was short, it was a solid watch for those in attendance at the local venue in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Both bothers were there for a fight, and they came forward throwing heavy fisted combinations. In the middle of the round, a strong 1-2 combination landed successfully upstairs for Ortiz and floored Cano for the 8-count. He got up a little disoriented, but it was back to business for Cano. Ortiz tried to finish the job, but momentum slipped away from him, and a second before the 1st round ended, Cano rocked him with a solid left hook prior to the bell ringing. In the middle of the second round, Ortiz tried to trade with Cano, but Cano landed first virtually in every exchange, and with him being the heavier handed fighter, it knocked the starch out of Ortiz, and he went down to his knees after a combination where everything landed upstairs. Ortiz seemed to make an internal decision with himself that he had enough punishment and was done for the night, and didn’t beat the count, and rose up after the count was finished, thus the fight resulting in a knockout victory for Cano.

Pablo Cesar Cano is in a good spot currently. For years, he had competed for birth of a World Title, but fell a bit short in his outings, and was relegated to gatekeeper status for those looking to enter the upper echelon of the Junior-Welterweight division. Though it feels like he is older than what he is considering he started young (he is 30 years of age), and been in a lot of tough fights, he appears to be in peak form. From his big upset over former Lightweight Champion of the World 🇻🇪Jorge Linares in January earlier this year, running through him in less than 1 round of action, and parlaying that to a new deal with Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy promotions, he has a little bit of backing to try and get the fights he needs to bolster his contender standing, as he entered into this contest ranked #6 by the WBC.

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