Herring Takes Unanimous Decision Over Lamont Roach Jr.

✏ By Jon Uddin

In front of 7,412 fans, 🇺🇸Jamel “Semper Fi” Herring made a successful first defense of the WBO Super-Featherweight Title he won back in May over Masayuki Ito.

The Marine veteran who completed two tours in Iraq, had his Corps brothers in attendance as he defeated 🇺🇸Lamont Roach Jr. by unanimous decision on Veterans Day and the Marines birthday weekend.

Behind his jab and left hand, the 34 year old southpaw kept the action where he wanted it and at the pace he wanted it for much of the fight. If you looked at his eyes when he circled the center of the ring watching Roach, it appeared he knew when the 24 year old D.C. native would attempt to strike and immediately negate any attempts.

With a ten year age gap Herring didn’t forget to let some steam out of his young opponent as he put in solid body work, keeping Roach’s work rate low as the counter puncher appeared to be struggling to get inside and find his timing for three quarters of the fight.

The back end of the matchup is where you wonder if Roach will have sleepless nights for a while as the pleas from his corner to let his hands go were finally answered, and they delivered. A right hook from Roach in the eleventh round landed flush behind the ear of Herring and though he kept his feet he legs looked as if he hit a patch of ice in the ring. Luckily for Herring, not so much for Roach, the shot landed in the closing seconds of the round and Herring was able to survive to the bell.

Hoping to be facing a wounded man still on shaky legs from the previous round, Roach played the role of the predator, upping the pressure and stalking Herring in the ring in hopes of delivering another shot that would this time close the show. Try as he might it was too little too late for Roach as Herring, knowing what the plan would be, went into a heavily defensive mode and used the ring to make it to the final bell.

Final Scores

Ray Danseco 117-111 (Herring)
Max DeLuca 115-113 (Herring)
Gary Ritter 117-111 (Herring)
Jon Uddin Scorecard 117-111 Herring


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