Takuma Inoue Rallies in the 12th, but Falls Short – Nordine Oubaali Defends his Title

A pretty good scrap took place on the Inoue/Donaire card, one that seen WBC Bantamweight Titlist 🇫🇷Nordine Oubaali (17-0-0, 12KO👊) winning a Unanimous Decision against game younger challenger 🇯🇵Takuma Inoue (13-1-0, 3KO👊).

Takuma had a good start to this one, staying on top of his game-planning to stay middle distance, counter, and use his superior speed over the French world Titlist. In the second round, Oubaali began to use his strength and power advantages to even up the exchanges. Oubaali hurt Takuma multiple times in the middle of the round through combination punching, and ripping a good right hook and a big uppercut through, but Takuma quickly regrouped and got his head together to get out of harms way to get back to re-establishing the focus in this fight. Takuma to start the 4th round started to sit on his punches more, trying to fully capitalize on the counter-punching front. At this point of the fight, the action of the fight was fought on equal plane between the 2 combatants…that is until Oubaali landed a strong power left hand to knock Inoue down. Takuma held and moved effectively enough to get out the way to get to the end of the round.

In the middle rounds, Takuma did his best work, most notably with the right hand, while Oubaali operated best once he got the Japanese interim Titlist on the ropes. For someone who rumbles forward, Oubaali has good, quick foot movement, and it was beginning to separate the Champion in the ⚖️50/50 exchanges. Takuma’s lack of power started to become a detriment, as he started to fall behind the 8-ball a bit in terms of the scoring portion of the fight, but understanding the positioning he was in, he tried to string something of significance together towards the back portion of the fight.
The 12th round was a wild one as Takuma managed to stun the Champion with a left hook, and threw the kitchen sink at him desperately trying to get him out of there as he was fighting the clock, but he couldn’t finish the job with a minute left to go. While the judging was erratic, the proper man got the nod to victory, and Nordine Oubaali successfully made his 2nd title defense. Takuma fought well, and has no reason to hang his head, can instead take the positives out of those to come back and improved fighter, ready for Championship contention once again in the future.


✎ Jun Bae Lim = 115 – 112 for NORDINE OUBAALI
✎ David Sutherland = 117 – 110 for NORDINE OUBAALI
✎ Alejandro Rochin = 120 – 107 for NORDINE OUBAALI

✎ Tré Berry = 115 – 112 for NORDINE OUBAALI

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