Things We’ve Noticed:🤔 An Inside Look of the Anatomy of Naoya Inoue

By Tré Berry III🖊️ | 11/06/2019

So I ask myself, what makes RING/IBF Bantamweight Champion of the World 👑🇯🇵Naoya Inoue (18-0-0, 16KO👊) a terrifying force? well…everything does. The best way to categorize his punching power is…flat-out ridiculous. Nobody in boxing today when applying P4P ⚖️power-scaling hits as hard as he does when his fists get to the target, and he doesn’t have to over-commit with his power in either hand to send your spirit to another stratosphere during the 10-count.

Now I’m sure we have all come across people from all walks of life, for this example let’s say a 🎼Musician…where one aspect of what they do within the music field is so outright dominant, that you fail to see or notice all of the other great qualities that they personally bring to the table, and that would apply very well to Inoue’s case here. If you were to look past his power and continue to peel away the many layers that makes him the all-around boxer that he is, your arm may start to tire, and you would eventually conclude that he has no limitations to his game whatsoever. 🔎Here we will take a deep look at his other qualities that makes him the 👹Monster that has been roaming in the lower weight categories in these last 6 years.
DEMEANOR & INTELLIGENCE – There is an eerie calm that encompasses Naoya Inoue, as he truly acts as a reflection of his esteemed Father/Trainer 🗣️🇯🇵Shingo Inoue. Through the action, he always keeps his calm and uses a measured approach to think steps ahead and finding ways to build bridges to get there through action in the current moment. A very cerebral boxer who can sniff out your game plan and tendencies early on, it makes him that much more dangerous to have the type of mental edge throughout that compliments the power and the rest of his abilities that opponents have a difficult enough time dealing with just by itself.
SPEED & FOOTWORK – Naoya both has natural high level hand and foot speed, but that alone isn’t why he’s able to use it at the level he’s been using it at. There is no wasted movement with his punches, and he has no tell or telegraph from when he starts his punch. He also brings his hands back immediately to defensive position once he fires away, so normally fast hand speed looks like greased lightning to the opponent that has to deal with it. As far as the footwork, he has perfect step placement when playing the role of the aggressor, and is a master at cutting the ring off. Not only is he excellent in that area, but he could bounce outside with the best of them and circle around to box, with seldom an off step.
DISCIPLINE, PATIENCE & FUNDAMENTALS – You will hardly ever see Inoue off balanced, reaching, leading with his head, or swinging wildly, as he is very 🏫well schooled in the fundamental mechanics of the sport. He also never gets overzealous, or presses the action too hard when he has his man drunk in front of him, instead stays behind his attack and uses a measured, calculated method of attack to methodically break you.
EDUCATED JAB & VARIETY OF PUNCHES – There are quite a few great jabbers in the sport right now, to specify, fighters like 🥈🇰🇿Gennadiy “GGG” Golovkin, 🇷🇺Artur Beterbiev, 🇺🇸the Charlo twins, 🇺🇸Regis Prograis, 🇷🇺Sergey Kovalev, 🇺🇸Devin Haney, and so forth…Inoue fits in that group rather well, and can rival any other jab here with his own, as he can throw his a multitude of ways, to different targets, and different speeds, also throwing it as a power shot of sorts. Though he can beat you with just his jab alone he has every punch in the book, both to the head and body, a bone-crunching right hook, a strong uppercut, and a devastating left hook that routinely floors his opponents upon impact.
COUNTERPUNCHING & DEFENSE – Inoue’s most underrated skill in my opinion is his countering ability. He has a beautiful check-left hook as his go-to counter when a fighter barges in with his weight on the front foot, looking to make his opponent second-guess throwing that shot again, and also to inflict major damage. Inoue also likes to counter with the cross at distance, and fire “45” uppercuts with each hand depending on your positioning and what is open defensively. Now, as far as his defense, there’s no real style points associated with it, but it is very effective. Subtle adjustments, head movement and keeping his hands high to catch shots with his forearms and elbows is his 🍞bread and 🧈butter, and he is also great at using his feet to mirror your movement, so if you come charging in a certain way, he’ll mirror your movement to continue to maintain the same distance that you started from when you decided to take a gamble inside. He also has good upper body movement, and can switch between defensive standards, typically using the standard approach, or switching up to keep the lead hand down and the back hand up whenever he feels he has a seismic speed advantage, or a fighter with predictable movement and/or poor balance.

THE IRONY – When you look at the totality of what Inoue can do, and the level in which he operates, it is clear that barring any unforseen injuries, that for the long run of 10 years looking ahead, he will be perhaps the face of boxing for years to come. Now who did Naoya Inoue idolize growing up? (chuckle) the man he is about to face tomorrow for the 🎥WBSS Bantamweight Finals, for the 🏆Muhammad Ali Trophy, that being the legendary 🇵🇭Nonito Donaire. Taking on his idol for the big prize will be taxing from a mental standpoint, however as was specified above, Inoue is more than equipped to handle situations like this, and will put his best foot forward in trying to be the last man standing in the tournament, in spite of having to go through his biggest influence.

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