Easter Jr. Outpoints Granados in a Fan-Friendly Fight

If you had any reserves about never watching 🇺🇸Robert Easter Jr. (22-1-1, 14KO👊) again after his contest with 🇨🇺Rances Barthelemy that was equivalent to watching 🎨paint-dry…..he more than made up for it, as he and always-game 🇺🇸Adrian Granados (20-8-2, 14KO👊) dished out non-stop action through 10 rounds at the Santander Arena in Reading, Pennsylvania this past Saturday night.

This was Easter’s first fight at 140 lbs, and he looked physically strong and comfortable, showing to be the case throughout the fight. Granados came down from Welterweight after his knockout defeat to 🇺🇸Danny “Swift” Garcia, to come back down to his best weight at 140. They came out swinging immediately, most notably Easter who was looking for a fight early, and the naturally crouched pressure fighter Granados trying to muscle Easter and time his aggression. I’m not entirely sure why Easter being 5’11 likes to fire on the inside with shorter fighters, but he does, and he did a solid job in those skirmishes with Granados, though it gave Granados room to work himself with what he does best, and that’s bang to the body and catch you with short shots upstairs. Throughout the fight, Easter would bounce back n forth from stepping outside in range, and fighting up close, while Granados trucked forward, though not doing himself any favors in failing to cut the ring off. Action ensued throughout the 10 rounds, and was a strange fight to ✏️score in a sense. The judges favored Easter’s cleaner punching, and he was given the Unanimous Decision on the judges scorecards.

Granados was distraught after the fight, referencing his early defeats in close bouts where he always felt he had drawn the short straw, and was getting in the way of what he wants to achieve. I’m not saying that this fight here was one of them, but he certainly feels it was, and that he was experiencing Deja Vu all over again, fighting a closely fought, competitive fight, and coming up short once again. Granados has been a consummate professional through it all over the years, and the ☎️phone will continue to ring when it comes to getting high caliber fights, and deservedly so.being that he always gives you solid work as an opponent.

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