Usyk Heavyweight Debut Goes According to Plan, Secures Victory as Witherspoon Retires After 7

Lineal Cruiserweight World Champion 🥇🇺🇦Oleksandr Usyk (17-0-0, 13KO👊) finally put his Heavyweight debut in the books and got his feet wet at the new weight, testing out his physical prowess, and his range before stepping up the action in round 4 to overwhelm late replacement 🇺🇸Chazz Witherspoon (38-4-0, 29KO👊), leading up to a 7th round stoppage victory to start his journey in the Heavyweight division.

The fight was a methodical one for much of it, and it started that way with the big man Witherspoon taking a long look to see what Usyk had, and with Usyk circling around in mid range, seeing how well Witherspoon could move with his feet. In large part for this fight, Chazz was in counter-punching mode, trying to find openings in Olek’s defense to time him with a straight right hand. He didn’t find much success at all in doing that, as Usyk’s defense was air-tight throughout the contest, although Witherspoon did land one good right hand that got in on the chin, but Usyk took it well, and continued his movement without lack of concentration.

As Usyk was warming up round-by-round, he would find more openings to sneak in some carefully placed left crosses upstairs and the hook to the body. Eventually as time passed, Usyk would ramp up the level of combination punching, firing 4-5-6 punches at a time in great variation, and it became evident to Usyk by the 4th round that Witherspoon couldn’t handle that level of activity, so he opened up he range of his attack, and started sweeping the left hand to get around his guard which increased Usyk’s level of success in landing it.. Punishing Witherspoon in spurts, he started to gas out around the 5th round, which was to be expected, due to Chazz getting the 📱call for this opportunity on just 4 days rest, and not being in top form because of it, coming into the fight the fight heavy for his liking. In conjunction with that, the accumulation of punishment that he started to face in the 6th and 7th round took extra starch out of him, and with his 👁️right eye closing up, Witherspoon was a battered man, and could no longer continue as the corner stopped the fight after the 7th round.

As for Usyk, he looked very solid while operating at a measured pace, and doing so deliberately due to Witherspoon being a late replacement, and getting a chance to accelerate his study on the American Heavyweight after going through a full training camp in preparation of 🇳🇱Tyrone Spong, that didn’t come to fruition. All in all, a solid debut it was, and the Ukrainian Heavyweight managed to get some rounds in after being inactive from the ring for roughly 11th months.
⚠️A RARE RANT…A CHANGE IS IN ORDER – Since its inception, DAZN has been putting together some very good, quality fight cards. With that being stated, they have a major issue with their broadcasting team when it gets to the main events. An underrated, unspoken of virtue towards enhancing the experience of watching a fight at home is in having a good commentary team in place, and such could be said with the inverse, as a poor team can take away the enjoyment of such events, taking the starch out of the experience. The team with Lead Broadcaster and Color Commentator 🎧Brian Kenny & 🎧Sergio Mora has been dreadful in a multitude of ways since the streaming app took off from its origins. From the ongoing constant ramblings of situations and circumstances that has nothing to do with the fight they are presently covering, misconstruing the action that is taking place during the course of a bout, and pandering their assessments towards their line of logic to fit their preconceived notions, often the mute button is looked at on the remote when they are covering fights, and a growing list of complaints are coming in regarding their cast for subscribers who are looking to enjoy the level of fight content being delivered by DAZN, who expect to receive an accurate scope of the events that they reviewing as it happens.

Throughout the main event tonight, a conscious effort was made by the crew to constantly refer to Oleksandr Usyk as not being an inherent knockout artist while at Cruiserweight, while they simultaneously expected Usyk to physically run through and knock out a 242 lb. man who possesses a solid chin, with relative ease, then based their assessments around that, pegging it as a lackluster performance due to what was occurring not fitting the baseless 🖼️portrait that they had painted. They also kept referencing Usyk starting off at a slow pace with negative connotation, without any mention of realization that he typically starts slow to take in the tendencies, movements and gameplan of his opponents. Brian Kenny also spent a large portion of the middle rounds pointing out Usyk shaking his arms, failing to realize that in combat sports, mainly in martial arts, that you do that to recoil your arms to revamp your energy in your limbs after you fire heavy shots. This is something that DAZN will have to address because the incoming complaints continue to rise to overwhelming levels.

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