Bivol Gets the Win over Castillo on Usyk/Witherspoon Undercard to Defend his IBF Title

It was a routine, successful night for WBA Light-Heavyweight World Champion 🇰🇬🇷🇺Dmitry Bivol (17-0-0, 11KO) with him pitching a shut-out by dominating challenger 🇩🇴Lenin Castillo (20-3-1, 15KO), successfully defending his world title for the 5th time, and keeping the door open for bigger and better opportunities.

Dmitry Bivol started the first round coming forward as the aggressor, measuring his distance, while Castillo backpedaled and circled the ring, not delivering much of anything and keeping his 📇cards close to his chest. Bivol started to establish his jab firing at multiple targets, to the body, the head, and the rest, upping his pace in activity. It was pretty evident that Castillo was looking for Bivol to make mistakes so that he could land the big shot, loading up every time he fired his punch, but it stunted his pace and activity, which played to the advantage of the Champion.

Bivol being a cold, calculated operator, he methodically calculated and acted upon Castillo’s mistakes, and it became evident after some time that Castillo skill wise was out of his league, and at the mercy of the punches and activity coming from the Kyrgyzstan fighter. By round 4, Bivol kicked it up to full speed and started to fire more lead left hooks and letting his hands go. Castillo was often squared up, increasing the target for Bivol to land. Dmitry’s best 🗡️weapon is a ramrod of a jab, and he delivered a steady dose of them, making an emphasis not to deviate from it, and base most of his attack off of the jab.

To the untrained eye, it would seem that Castillo just showed up for the paycheck with his limited output, but upon a deeper look, Castillo had problems dealing with Bivol’s feints, and was shown limited opportunities where you could fire a solid punch through. Taking that into consideration, and knowing that Castillo is an economic puncher who will only fire when he has confidence in landing, the main different was just the pedigree in skill level. In the 6th round, Bivol finally caught Castillo with a big over-right hand behind a lazy jab, and rocked him, putting him down to the canvas. From this point on, Bivol was on cruise control, and continued to be in full control of the fight.

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