Warrington Blasts Through Takoucht, Puts him Away in the Second Round of their Title Fight

Tonight, The “Leeds Warrior” strikes again, as IBF Featherweight Champion 🇬🇧Josh Warrington (30-0-0, 7KO) flexes his muscle and runs through #2 ranked French challenger 🇫🇷Sofiane Takoucht (35-4-1, 13KO) to impressively put Takoucht away impressively in the 2nd round in front of his home crowd at First Direct Arena. 

From the onset, you could see that Takoucht’s skills weren’t up to par with this assignment, as his footwork was very gangly and uncoordinated, so Josh patiently set up his attack from the outside. Showing out to be in top form, Warrington studied his opponent and figured him out quickly. In the second round, Warrington landed a perfect right hand to the chin of the French Southpaw that put him down on the deck. Takoucht got up wobbly, but he was allowed to continue. Warrington went in for the finish, and started throwing his weight around on the inside, trying to take the remaining energy out of his opponent, but stifled his own attack somewhat by getting too close to land.

He regathered himself a moment later and landed a hook, cross combination that put the challenger down once again. At this point, you could see that the 🖊️writing was on the wall being that Warrington stalked Takoucht after he got up to try and bomb him out. Takoucht operating with no more reserves left decided to trade blows, albeit wide punches in hopes of something landed, but that miracle punch never landed. Warrington clipped him with about 3 big shots that turned Takoucht all the way around, and no longer had his wits about him, so the Referee appropriately stopped in to stop the fight, and the punishment that Sofiane was receiving.

Immediately after the fight, Warrington mouthed to the cameras 🗣️“and they say that I can’t punch”. Much of that is referenced with him coming into the fight with only 6 knockouts to his 29 wins, but he had already proven that he has enough power to rock you and get your respect, evidenced in his previous match-up against 🇬🇧Carl Frampton when he wobbled him a few times. It is part of Josh’s base style naturally to play the long game and to wear his opponents down as a swarmer to take over in the second half of the fight, but he has a decent punch when he needs to use it.

Upon this victory, this was the 3rd defense of Warrington’s IBF World Title, and looks to continuously 📈improve with every outing, making the conversation atop the Featherweight division more interesting as to whom the leading man is in this crowded crop of talented fighters, and as he looks at the prospects of title unification’s. Warrington arguably has the best crowd support of any fighter in boxing when it comes to him fighting on his home soil, and he gave them tonight another reason to cheer, as they were unanimously pleased with his short night of work.

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