Positive Shocking News Given the Circumstances of Errol Spence Jr’s Horrific Crash this Morning 🗞️

When the news surfaced of 29 year old WBC/IBF Welterweight Champion 🇺🇸Errol Spence Jr. (26-0-0, 21KO) crashing his Ferrari earlier today in Dallas, Texas, and being transported to Methodist Dallas Medical Center, it sounded as bad as could be. There is 📹surveillance footage from a nearby store that has been circulating on the internet, showing the crash, and it was every bit as bad as we had initially thought. For one, he is very lucky to be alive… as his car flipped over a multitude of 4-5 times, and with him being catapulted from his driver seat. He was taken in to the 🏥Medical facility by swift first-responders, and there were conflicting reports earlier surfacing whether he was in serious, or critical condition, but looking past those declarations, the overall consensus was that this situation did not look good for Errol & his loved ones, as he was relegated to the Intensive Care Unit.

Very fortunate news has come out with an update on his health, and in hearing that he was being 📈elevated to stable condition. Amazingly enough, given the severity of the crash, Errol Spence escaped the crash with no broken bones whatsoever, which could fall in the line of being a complete miracle, or something synonymous to what a miracle entails. Errol reportedly broke some teeth, and hasn’t experienced any serious whiplash or extensive head trauma, but he has some facial lacerations that of course need to be tended to.

BEHIND THE NEWS🔬 – Local Dallas Police upon investigation has concluded that Spence may have been speeding at the time, and that he was not wearing his seat-belt, and may have possibly been intoxicated. Accountability on his behalf is paramount, I hope we don’t judge the young man and put him in a box for making a colossal mistake, though he has some things to think about, life related on a personal level. This is a learning lesson for him going forward, and luckily he is alive to actually be able to process the lesson and take it in stride.

Seat-belt safety is very important, so I want to make that very clear before I make this next point…..Considering that he was driving a Ferrari convertible, with no roof top…in a strange way…Errol not wearing his seat-belt may have actually saved his life, because if he wasn’t ejected from the driver seat when he was, it is very possible that he could’ve repeatedly landed on his head while rolling over, and strapped in the seat of the car, which could’ve made the situation more dire, if not fatal. All in all, he is very lucky to survive this crash, we wish him a speedy recovery, and we hope that he takes the lesson in stride going forward and being more responsible with his actions, taking the necessary precaution to preserve his health and taking into consideration other parties who could have been effected if near the crash site.

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