Kyoguchi Shines in an Action Fight Against a Tough Challenger in Hisada, Retains his Titles

A very good action packed fight we got earlier today, as #1 WBA contender 🇯🇵Tetsuya Hisada (34-10-2, 20KO) delivered a stern, determined challenge, but fell short of his ultimate goal, as thee Light-Flyweight Champion of the World 🇯🇵Hiroto Kyoguchi (14-0-0, 9KO) met his challenge head-to-head, and shown brilliance throughout the second half of the fight in turning the tide and further raising his stock in the boxing pantheon as not only one of its best young Champions, but one of the best Champions that we have going today in boxing.

Immediately off the bat, you could tell that the 34 year old veteran Hisada was there to win, and had some well polished skills to contribute to this match, most notably a good, stiff left jab that showed to be bothersome for Hiroto early on. He had a big moment, as Hisada hurt Kyoguchi with a left hook with about a minute to go in the 2nd round that wobbled him for a second. Kyoguchi fought his way through as he got his cognition back, but it was a very solid round for the challenger altogether.

As they started to adapt to one another, there was high octane action between the two, to close out the 3rd round. The ebbs and flow of the fight were teetering back and forth during the 4th and 5th rounds, as each fighter had their moments. In round 6, the Champion belted Hisada with a big right cross to the forehead that wobbled him, and Kyoguchi went in full assault mode for a duration, stringing together multiple combinations. After playing it conservative afterwards in the middle rounds, he picked it back up and punished the challenger some more towards the back-end of the stanza.

Hisada started to find home in the middle rounds by ripping the uppercut through the center of Kyoguchi’s defense, and had his moments in certain sequences, holding his own with the talented Champion & fellow countryman. With that being said, the tides were turned when Kyoguchi in the 9th round caught Hisada with a scintillating uppercut that took his coordination away, then bombarded Hisada with an overhand right that sent him spiraling to the canvas. Hisada got up, but for the rest of the round (2 minutes and change), Kyoguchi went full 🌪️Tazmanian devil mode and threw nonstop power punches with very limited breaks, trying whatever he could to stop the challenger then and there. Hisada somehow made it to the end of the round, but endured through a serious beating to get there. For what we know, there isn’t any real compubox or punch stats for this fight, but upon watching this, it appears that Kyoguchi may have thrown at least 130 punches in the 9th round, which is astonishing, and a snapshot to how badly the 9th round unraveled for the challenger.

Kyoguchi picked up the activity and his footwork down the stretch of the fight, finding pockets of separation from the very impressive challenger and his effort, and putting the fight further in the bag, although it remained exciting all the way to the end. Kyoguchi got the nod, and retained both his RING-MAGAZINE & WBA Light-Flyweight World Titles. Here are the official scores for this fight, and how Project Combat had it tallied as well.


✎ Silvestre Abainza = 117 – 110 for HIROTO KYOGUCHI
✎ Sergio Caiz. = 116 – 111 for HIROTO KYOGUCHI
✎ Nobuto Ikehara = 115 – 112 for HIROTO KYOGUCHI

✎ Tré Berry III = 117 – 109 for HIROTO KYOGUCHI


🚨🚨 *** Also, if you would like to watch this fight from start to finish, below is a Youtube link that showcased the fight from earlier today *** 🚨🚨…

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