Spence Jr. Wins the War of Attrition, Porter Came to Bang, and the Staples Center Got Their Moneys Worth

If you were anticipating getting raw all-out Combat as we had been leading up to this week have, then you would be thoroughly pleased with the turnout between two iron-clad tough fighters testing each others mettle. By way of Split-Decision, 🇺🇸Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. (26-0-0, 21KO👊) left the Staples Center as the new unified WBC/IBF Welterweight Champion, adding a feather to his cap, and 🇺🇸“Showtime” Shawn Porter (30-3-1, 19KO👊) definitely made him work for it, giving his all as we all have grown accustomed to witnessing.

The tone of the fight was set early in the second round with Porter fighting exclusively from distance, and in up close while Spence was looking to work from mid-distance. As expected, Porter made a rough go of it in the early rounds, by first using the real estate to gain ring positioning, and charging straight in once he seen openings for a counter, and firing away at all costs. Spence while Porter charged would bury his head and 🔨hammer some lethal hooks and uppercuts to the body, but it didn’t discourage Porter from living in the hot zone, continuing to work and relying on his incredible motor.

Shawn Porter has a very shifty move with his footwork when whenever Spence would work Porter, and had his back touching the ropes, Porter would quickly hard pivot, to where he was on the outside and Spence was stuck by the ropes, and Porter relied on it all night, so Spence made adjustments mid fight to hold Porter in place while he was trying to do this move, so that he would wrestle him and throw him back into his original position.

Spence would pick and choose his spots when to go to war with Porter being that he was there to be hit and wasn’t letting up, and with him sticking to mid range and hammering away with the jab, which Errol had more success establishing during the middle rounds. This fight became one more predicated on will than skill, as each put their best foot forward to try to establish who the tougher man was, and what we got from it was an exciting, violent fight. It was also a very sloppy fight, but you have to realize, that is the Shawn Porter way, what’s messy to everybody else is clean to him, and vice versa, so while Spence lived in his world, he showed an insane amount of toughness while looking to shoulder Porter off to hammer him upstairs with left crosses and right hooks in close, while Porter threw every punch in the 📖book, finding some pockets of his own success throughout.
Porter seemed to gain energy, or put more forward in the 9th round, and as the action continued, the 📋scorecards seemed to get a little tight by this point, but Errol was landing some lethal blows. Porter swung wildly and landed clean blows down the stretch as well, but in the 11th with about a minute left to go, Spence landed a nasty sweeping left hand inside that caught Porter on the tip of the jaw, and put him down to the canvas. Shawn got up right away and took the 8-count from Referee Jack Reiss, while he was motioning to Spence that he was gonna keep coming, and he did, fighting Spence toe-to-toe while Errol tried to finish the job, but the round ended.

For the 12th round, both fighters left no stone un-turned, and gave their all, with Porter charging in to try to impose his will on Errol, and Errol living dangerously, yet eerily comfortable in this type of fight. As they both had a high output down the stretch, Spence landed the cleaner blows, and had gained a little control amid the chaos throughout the Championship rounds. The 🔔final bell had sounded, and both seemed too exhausted to really celebrate after the incredible ordeal of a fight that had just taken place.
The fight was announced as a Split-Decision by the great 🎤Jimmy Lennon Jr. As the cards were read, Porter waited patiently, and Spence had no doubts in his mind about the verdict, and it his exuberance continued after Errol Spence Jr. was announced as the new WBC/IBF Champion of the world. Shawn Porter was congratulatory, flashing the same smile he had leading up to the fight, and he coaxed the crowd to sharing their feeling of the main event, and he was met with overwhelming applause, outwardly showing their appreciation in how the fight panned out given the action that sustained throughout the 12 rounds. Here are the official judges scorecards, and here is how we scored it here at Project Combat as well on the first watch.


🤜 Errol Spence Jr. = 221/745, 29.7% Landed.
🤜 Shawn Porter = 172/744, 23.1% Landed.
Rey Danseco = 116 – 111 for ERROL SPENCE JR.
Larry Hazzard Jr. = 115 – 112 for SHAWN PORTER
Steve Weisfeld = 116 – 111 for ERROL SPENCE JR.

Tré Berry = 116 – 111 for ERROL SPENCE JR.
Jon Uddin = 116 – 111 for ERROL SPENCE JR.

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