Quick Work for Dubois, Knocks out Tetteh in 2 Rounds

The nervous body language, lack of eye contact at center ring, and forgetting of the mouthpiece right before the fight began, indicated that the reality of being in over his head had fully hit 🇬🇭Ebenezer Tetteh Friday night as he headed into his clash with undefeated British Heavyweight 🇬🇧Daniel Dubois at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Dubois didn’t drag things out against the Ghanaian heavyweight, using that strong jab and crushing right to stop Tetteh at 2:10 into the first round. With the win Dubois moves to (13-0-0, 12KO), picking up the Commonwealth Heavyweight Title along the way, while Tetteh suffers his first professional loss and falls to (19-1-0, 16KO).

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