Who Errol Spence Jr. Looked up to & Idolized Growing Up 🗞️

By Tré Berry III🖋️

Referring back to an interview that I personally conducted back in late 2017 with 🇺🇸Errol Spence Jr. in the lead-up to the LaMont Peterson fight, where I asked him exclusively who were his idols in boxing growing up?
🎤Errol Spence Jr. – “I watched a lot of… 🇺🇸Lennox Lewis, with my dad being Jamaican, me being Jamaican, watched a lot of Lennox Lewis growing up. I also watched 🇺🇸Zab Judah, and there was 🇺🇸Roy Jones of course, (I) come from that era where even when I wasn’t boxing, I was watching Roy Jones because he was like Superman to everybody (laughs) everyone was watching Jones, he was that guy….then it was 🇺🇸Floyd Mayweather later on…..but idolized mostly? it was Roy Jones & Lennox Lewis.”

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