Shawn Porter With his Idol 🗞️

By Tré Berry III🖋️

Back in 2017, with 🇺🇸“Showtime” Shawn Porter a couple days prior to his fight with Adrian Granados, I chopped it up with him and decided to ask who were his biggest influence in the sport of boxing growing up. His answer was interesting, and made a lot of sense when you break it down and put it into perspective

🎤 Shawn Porter – Oh, it was… 🇺🇸Marvin Hagler for me growing up…still is the man…still is the man.

🤔ASSESSMENT – What makes perfect sense about this is that mentally they are hardwired the same way. They may fight different styles, and have contrasting skill-sets, but one of the first things you think about with Marvin Hagler was as a destructive force with seemingly unlimited energy, with a relentless nature…very much like how Shawn Porter approaches his fights now, where he always put forth 110% effort and looks to test you as an opponent to see what you have inside and if you have any dog in you, then never lets up with mental pressure like how Hagler was accustomed to doing, most notably during his Championship stint.

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