Errol Spence Jr. Speaking About his Upcoming Bout with Shawn Porter

🗣️|| “I see him (Shawn Porter) as a tough opponent. He’s the world champion, and he throws a lot of punches. He is very energetic. So that’s why he’s a success. He’s a rough guy, and he does whatever it takes to win. So from that aspect…

and him beating Danny Garcia, I see him as a tough test.”
🗣️|| “It’s just my overall mindset and something I want (reflecting on him stating earlier that he is gunning for the knockout). I feel like the way he (Porter) fights and the way he comes forward, I think I can exploit that. But I can’t go in there and just force knock out. I’m going to try to work a bit and break him down.”
🗣️|| “As a fan friendly fight and as an entertainment fight and tough fight, I would say this fight with Shawn Porter is going to be, I feel like way more entertaining than the Mikey Garcia fight. I feel like the Shawn Porter fight is bigger just because it’s a unification fight.”

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