Tyson Fury Being Tyson Fury & the Glory of a Cutman

It took 47 stitches to close up the gash that 🇬🇧Tyson Fury (29-0-1, 20KO) received Saturday night in his unanimous decision win over Otto Wallin at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. After being stitched up the night went on for the Gypsy King!

“I went to the hospital, had a few stitches, went home and had an early night.”

“Then I’ve got up, gone to the casino, won five grand, had a few beers and now I’m going to have a few more beers. I’m ready for war with Deontay Wilder on February 22nd.”

Also in other news… the most talked about Cutman in recent times has gained widespread notoriety throughout the sport of boxing, and that being Tyson Fury’s Cutman 🇲🇽Jorge Capetillo.  After doing a fantastic job in dealing with terrible working conditions for his kind, he somehow kept it all together by successfully coagulating the blood from the cut in every corner session, and doing what was necessary to keep the Ring Doctors at bay when the decision of stopping the fight was on the table.

Capetillo later in interviews had stated that he had personally never seen, or dealt with a cut of that magnitude (the worst of the two cuts), however he rose to the occasion, and in doing so, has saved his fighter Fury millions of dollars, in what could’ve been a career altering setback for the British fighter.

There has been word coming out that Tyson Fury has paid Capetillo a hefty bonus for his services, well deserved, and a classy gesture from Fury, understanding the implications that he was facing, and how Capetillo operated on the job.

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