Fury Showcases Intestinal Fortitude Amid Two Nasty Cuts to Defeat Wallin in a Gutcheck of a Fight

Dawned with a bloody crimson mask after two nasty cuts were opened over the “Gypsy Kings” right eye, 🇬🇧Tyson Fury (29-0-1, 20KO) reached deep down to pull the grit out in a dogfight that produced high drama, as he worked his way to make it though to the final bell, winning a Unanimous Decision over Sweden’s 🇸🇪Otto Wallin (20-1-0, 13KO) in doing his part to secure the end of his deal for the much anticipated re-match with Deontay Wilder for a February 22nd date. 

The main event started off with Tyson Fury paying homage to Mexicans and Mexican Independence day with his ring entrance, and he perhaps gifted them with more of a gesture with the type of fight that he had to endure, embodying the spirit that the Mexican contingent are proudly drawn towards. The first couple rounds, Fury looked a little sluggish with his upper body movement, though was taking the time to touch Wallin and try to figure him out. Wallin immediately proved to be a better overall operator than previous Tyson Fury opponent 🇩🇪Tom Schwarz, with better balance, punch selection and accuracy, and managed to land a couple of solid shots to gain some respect from Fury. Wallin landed a clean left hook to the right eye-ridge of Fury inside during the 3rd round, and made a mess of Fury’s face as a nasty gash opened immediately on top of Fury’s eye, resembling that of a third eyebrow of some sort. From that point on, the cut became the hook and the focal point of the entire fight.

Fury had big trouble seeing out of that right eye, and profusely pawed away at the cut to try and clear whatever amount of blood was spewing out and obstructing his vision. While he was dealing with that problem, he wasn’t exactly rattled, as he continued to box Wallin. Otto in rounds to follow decided to target the eye more to exasperate the cut, and with each passing bell, Fury would return to the corner with worse damage to the cut. The star of the night though however is Tyson Fury’s Cutman Jorge Capetillo, who did a fantastic job of trying to coagulate the cut as well as he could in spots and preserving Fury as he was put in a place of real uncertainty as the Ring Doctor checked the condition of the cut twice.

A second cut was opened from a headbutt that was right underneath the original cut, which made matters worse. Tyson understood the ramifications of what could have happened with the fight and his future plans, so he decided to ditch boxing from the outside and pressed forward, constantly burying his head on Wallin’s shoulder and digging power shots to the body to soften up Wallin, taking some of the starch out of him. While Wallin fought a solid fight to his capabilities, I’d be remiss if I were to omit the fact that he fought a dirty fight, constantly head-locking Fury while using the underside of the glove to rake across the cuts, and openly reached out in one instance with his glove to do it right in front of Referee Tony Weeks, without penalty. Weeks has the warranted reputation of being one of, if not the best Referee in boxing, but he didn’t have the best of nights, as his performance was substandard to what we are normally accustomed to seeing from his work.

While Fury in the last third of the fight was working the body of the Swedish fighter, he would also routinely step back to fire the lead right hand with force, and had great success in doing so, causing a bruise to surface under Wallin’s left eye, which bothered his vision, so Tyson kept firing away and bouncing back and forth between those 2 tactics to gain further control of the fight. Otto in the 11th round made the cut worse, but down the stretch, he couldn’t do enough to cause a stoppage, or to get Fury to mentally fold, and Fury took the fight to Wallin, making it to the final bell for what was one rough, mentally grueling contest. After escaping the possibility of bleeding out, Tyson won via Unanimous Decision, and now can look forwards his February 22nd fight with WBC Heavyweight Champion 🇺🇸Deontay Wilder (41-0-1, 40KO) while he takes the much needed time necessary to heal up and rest up after this fight.

OBSERVATION🔎 – This is why versatility in the sport of boxing is paramount, that way you can be as well equipped as possible to handle any trials, tribulations and circumstances that one may encounter. In the case of Fury, he has the skill-set of a master boxer from the outside that the big man hangs his hat on, yet when was the last time that you seen Tyson Fury bite down like that, to get on the inside and hammer away with power shots to the body? it’s something that he always had in his arsenal, yet he seldom uses it, only in situations where it is much needed, and it was more than needed to help aid his way through this fight, along with the intestinal fortitude he used to navigate through the troubles. That (objectively speaking), in and of itself is what separates Tyson Fury from the rest of the active Heavyweights going today, and is something that gives further credence in the eyes of many as being the best Heavyweight that we have today.

As for Otto Wallin, losing his father earlier this year in March, he dedicated this fight to him and did his ol’ man proud with his effort. Tonight he may have done himself some service in getting another fight with quality ranking Heavyweights and towards bigger paydays. Here are how the official Judges scored the fight, as well as how Project Combat tallied it up.

🤜 Tyson Fury = 179/651, 27.5% Landed.
🤜 Otto Wallin = 127/334, 38.0% Landed.
Don Trella         = 116 – 112 for TYSON FURY
Eric Cheek         = 117 – 111 for TYSON FURY
Tim Cheatham = 118 – 110 for TYSON FURY
Tré Berry = 118 – 110 for TYSON FURY
Jon Uddin = 117 – 111 for TYSON FURY

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