Devin Haney Continues to Rise, Targets Lomachenko

It only took four rounds for 🇺🇸Devin Haney to dispatch Russia’s 🇷🇺Zaur Abdullaev Friday night at the HULU Theatre at Madison Square Garden in New York City, keeping his perfect record in tact and increasing the buzz around a future matchup with unified Lightweight Champion 👑🥇🥇🇺🇦Vasiliy Lomachenko.

From the first round it was business as usual for Haney (23-0-0, 16KO) as he got busy working behind his snapping jab, letting it play both offense and defense as it popped Abdullaev (11-1-0, 7KO) while he tried in vain to close the distance between him and the undefeated contender.

Any gameplan Abdullaev may have come into the ring with went down the tubes quickly as Haney continued to dominate with the jab, but added sharp cracking body shots in the second round to add to the frustration. The speed difference was apparent from the beginning, and Haney, sensing that Abdullaev was flustered just turned up the heat, fully aware that it was just a matter of time before his opponent folded.

The end came before the start of the fifth round when the Russian’s corner spared him from any further damage, sensing that Abdullaev suffered what is most likely a fractured cheekbone and possible broken nose from the right hand of Haney.

Haney moves to 3-0 on the year and is already scheduled to get back in the ring in November. He has quickly risen from prospect to contender to interim WBC World Lightweight Titlist and is making the majority of fans believe he is the goods. That being the case, Haney called out the unified Champion post fight…

“It’s ‘Nomachenko,’ because he doesn’t want to fight me. I think I’m ready for the fight. ‘Nomachenko,’ come on, man, let’s get it going. If I’m so easy, Lomachenko should just fight me and get me out of the way.”

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