Their Stories: Vasiliy Lomachenko 🇺🇦 – Flashback to 2012 Gold-Medal Final Match in the Lightweight Division ◯‍◯‍◯‍◯‍◯

By Tré Berry III🖊️ | 08/28/2019

Ukraine’s 🥇🥇🇺🇦Vasiliy Lomachenko came into this Olympic Tournament already possessing one Gold-Medal that he earned in the previous games back in 2008, and he had his sights on obtaining another one, in another weight class, and historically joining a small group of elite amateur boxers.

Throughout the Olympics, he put forth some of his best work that enabled him to get past amateur standouts to the likes of 🇵🇷Felix Verdejo (who till this day Lomachenko says was the best amateur that he had faced), and 🇨🇺Yasniel Toledo of Cuba. The one last roadblock standing in his way of this feat was…acclaimed South Korean pugilist 🇰🇷Han Sool-Chul, who cast himself in prime position for the big prize.

Lomachenko was ready, and was in peak form with his footwork, fighting at various different angles and rhythms that Han had trouble picking up,and timing. After realizing that Sool-Chul was unable to use his height and reach advantage properly, Lomachenko stepped up his probes, and put extra emphasis on darting inside to land multiple combinations before darting out and maintaining his defensive integrity, which had the Korean boxer confused all fight as to how to deal with Loma, and in how he was going to tack on the points needed to win the fight. Though he put forth the effort, he couldn’t solve Lomachenko out, and couldn’t compete with the tactics being utilized, and Lomachenko won this fight by a wide margin in the points tally, outscoring Han 19 – 9.


What we have 🖼️pictured here is Vasiliy holding up 2 fingers signalizing the 🥇🥇back to back Gold-Medals that he had won, and his father Anatoly showing his approval through his typical stoic demeanor. Lomachenko had accomplished what he set out to do, and in doing so, he became only the 14th man to win 2 Olympic Gold Medals. This feat essentially capped off a legendary amateur campaign that results in the 2 Gold-Medals, along with a historic 396 – 1 record where he avenged his only loss, and ultimately defeated everyone that he had faced in all the amateur ranks.

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