On the Radar:📡 Vasiliy Lomachenko

(A record to be had on the horizon)

BOXER: 🇺🇦Vasiliy Lomachenko🇺🇦

FEAT HE IS APPROACHING: Becoming the quickest boxer to win 6 World Titles (15 fights).

THE PATH TO THE GOAL:📈 We have plenty of great talent who has come into their own within the last 5 – 7 years who catapulted themselves to the forefront as the standard bearers for this generation of boxers. As for RING-MAGAZINE P4P #1 👑🥇🥇🇺🇦Vasiliy Lomachenko, no one has pushed the envelope from the onset more than the decorated Ukranian fighter, both in a generational sense, and also in a historical scope when you view the rapid acceleration he has undergone to push the limits of what can be done. After winning 2 back-to-back Gold-Medals in 2008 (at Featherweight) and 2012 (at Lightweight)…he has had his eyes dead set on the best competition in boxing, with a “Championship or bust” type of attitude, and it has shown up in his resume, even when he had that period in earlier years where he had some real difficulties securing fights because he was simply way too good for the competition to feel comfortable risking their career prospects against. 

Lomachenko wanted to fight for a World Title in his first fight, but the way stipulations are set up today, it was impossible for Bob Arum to pull that off, but he was able to get Vasiliy a shot at an International Featherweight Title, which is a minor Title that gives a fighter some rights to get to a World Title bout. After dominating, Loma would get a fight with (an overweight) Orlando Salido in his second fight, which was one of the most egregious foul fests of all-time, aided by incredibly incompetent Refereeing, allowing Salido to land approximately 51 shots below the belt line with only 2 official warnings, and no points taken away. Throughout all that happened in the bout, Lomachenko staged a late rally in the 12th round, but couldn’t quite get the knockout. The judges decided to give the fight to Salido, but because he was overweight, that Title was now deemed vacant, and Loma had a second opportunity at that exact same World Title, this time under fair parameters. He would fight undefeated super-talent Gary Russell Jr. for it, and dominated Russell, giving him his first (and only) loss, thus tying the record of quickest to win a World Title in only 3 fights, tying the record that Thailand-born fighter 🇹🇭Saensak Muangsurin set back in 1975 in the Super-Lightweight division.

Fast forward to his 7th fight, Lomachenko moved up to the Super-Featherweight division to face rugged WBO Champion Rocky Martinez. Lomachenko delivered a jaw-dropping performance that culminated with a picture-perfect knockout, to become the fastest to win a 2nd Title (also in a 2nd division) in his his seventh fight. After shutting out Guillermo Rigondeaux in 2017, he moved up to the Lightweight division to immediately fight THEE Champion of the division in Jorge Linares, which was a great fight that showcased a multitude of skills. A combination of Linares stature, skills, and an injury suffered by Lomachenko in the 2nd round made for a difficult fight, yet somehow he was able to overcome the proud Venezuelan Champion to knock him out in the 10th round to win the RING & WBA Titles to become the quickest to ever win 4 Titles (also in 3 divisions) in just twelve fights. After surgery, Lomachenko wasn’t taking it easy, instead went for Jose Pedraza who held the WBO Lightweight Title. While Pedraza personally fought well, Lomachenko dominated the rounds to become to the youngest to 5 Titles, a common theme at this point. Now a 6th Title is on the horizon for Lomachenko if he could get past a fellow 🥇Gold-Medalist for the WBC Belt. Luke Campbell may have the type of tools to give Loma a real challenge, but it s only fitting for there to be tough circumstances when history is to be made. We will see how this all pans out, with this being Lomachenko’s 15th fight and in pursuit of that 5th Title.

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