Estrada and Beamon Fight an Entertaining Fight, Estrada Gets the Win via 9th Round TKO Stoppage

🇲🇽Juan Francisco Estrada (40-3-0, 27KO), headlining his first card on DAZN, put on ashow for his fans, and had fun doing so as he picked through his opponent 🇺🇸DeWayne Beamon (16-2-1, 11KO) en route to the 9th round TKO stoppage.  

“El Gallo” opened up the first round with a check hook while Beamon was looking to throw around his muscle. In the second round, Beamon landed a right hand that staggered the Champion, but it didn’t shy away from the combat, instead took the action to Beamon and knocked him down with a short right hand while Beamon was lunging in too close to his desired range. He got up, however Estrada was successful in putting down him once again in the very same round with another left hand. 

Though respectful of Gallo’s power, he remained aggressive following the knockdowns, darting in and out, trying to land singular bombs on the Mexican Champion, though falling short on many occasions due to sound defensive positioning from Estrada. As Beamon’s punches widened up a bit, Estrada countered him at will relentless, repeatedly with left hands over Beamon’s lazy lead hand and ripping uppercuts when Beamon would lunge him after throwing his power shots, with carefully placed shots to the body planted as well with precision by Estrada. The pace of the fight grew substantially in the 4th round, and some quality action took place with the hard pressing Beamon firing everything he could in hopes of landing just one significant bomb, but he had trouble all night in landing that shot. The longer the bout went on, the more the difference in class started to show, with Estrada utilizing his superior footwork outside and seeing the tactics that Beamon wanted to use before he himself orchestrated them. 

Estrada at times has a bad habit of losing his focus in fights where he feels that he has a firm command of, often due to boredom, as well as complacency, and started to play with Beamon a little bit, though of course looking to play to his home crowd in Sonora, Mexico, and giving them all a show to remember, but doing so also allowed a few solid shots in; Nonetheless they didn’t to do the damage that Beamon was hoping for. In the 9th round, Estrada came out immediately to further punish his man, letting off feverish combinations that had Bramon drunk and defenseless, and landed enough of them to force the Referee to stop the fight. Estrada retained both his RING-MAGAZINE & WBC Super-Flyweight Title belts, defending both for the first time, and laying the groundwork for future match-ups to come.


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